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PPC is just the beginning.
The next stop is pay per action!

Achieve exponential growth and expansion with maximum return on every dime you invest. PPC is a powerful tool used for building brand awareness. To experience the most strategic PPC services in Kolkata, contact our marketing team.

Paid marketing is nothing but a small cost to bear to beat the competition at the grassroots level. The traffic count of your website goes up and the lead conversion rate also increases as paid marketing pushes a majority of the audience crowd to your website. A good PPC agency in India with the right investment can take your business quite a few notches higher.

Paid Marketing Services We Offer

The paid or ppc marketing services of Digital Marketing Lab start at understanding your business, followed by drawing up a brainstormed strategy as per your requirements and budget and end at getting you maximum ROI by investing in the right channels of marketing, with a  follow through of quantifiable analysis of the campaign.


Probably the biggest tool of digital marketing, PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a very important pillar of any only advertisement campaign. Its popularity and effectiveness lies in the fact that you only have to pay for it when a user clicks on your ad. At DML, the PPC advertising agency in India, we focus of four key areas while implementing our PPC solutions – keyword research, keyword grouping, advertisement text content and landing pages. With the help of Google AdWords, the largest PPC platform available, we help your business reach out to your target audience and probably more.

Social Media Advertising

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have options of placing ads and promote your business by paying a certain amount to the platform. Social media is anyway a great place to initiate your organic, mouth-of-word and cost-free promotion. Paid marketing simply helps you cut through the crowd and push yourself into the line of sight of social media users scrolling through their feed and stories.

Affiliate Advertising

Traffic generation can be significantly increased with the help of third-party advertisements. Digital Marketing Lab helps you connect with other websites, blogs and online publishers who are targeting the same audience as yours and form a reasonable three-party advertisement agreement on the basis of a set commission rate for each sale that takes place.

Display Advertising

Once a potential customer is on your website, what more can you do to convince them of your plausibility? The answer is display advertising. It shows up with both images and texts in the form of a banner or a popup on the website to redirect the user’s attention to a specific something that the company wants to promote – a core service, a new product launch, discount on a certain service, and so on – to engage the customer in an immediate visual appeal. Display advertising does not show up in search results as they are intrinsic to the website, but their lead conversion rate is almost 70% on an average.

Video Advertising

With YouTube and other online video streamers becoming major online sources of content consumption, utilizing the platform’s PPC marketing services is a great addition to any online marketing strategy. We help you create the right content for video ads and publish it on the right channels, so that your audience does not ‘skip’ your ad when it shows up on their screen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pay Per Click Advertising:

What is a PPC Company?

Before we discuss it is our responsibility to make you understand what PPC is all about & finally we will let you know how we can help you out. We have brought out an analysis on the topic and hopefully, you will gain a complete understanding of the subject. Read it on and learn more.


PPC stands for Pay per Click and it is a venture of Internet marketing in which the advertisers are eligible to pay a fee each time when their ads are clicked. Primarily it is an approach of purchasing visits for your site, rather than going ahead to drive them organically.

Going About With the Process

Search Engine advertising is an innovative form of advertising and it is one of the most popular forms of PPC. What it does is it allows advertisers to place a bid for ad placement in the search engines sponsored links, as someone searches on a particular keyword related to the business. To be honest, a lot of effort goes into building a winning PPC campaign.

Right from researching along with selecting the corrective keywords and organising all those major keywords in an organised manner till setting up landing pages all can be done accurately. The search engine, in turn, rewards the advertisers who can create relevant and optimal Pay per Click campaigns by charging minimally for ad clicks.

If the respective ads along with the landing pages are effective and gratifying for the users, Google will charge you minimal for a click. It, in turn, will help you to drive in more and more business. Thereby if you are ready to commence to PPC campaign it is a key necessity to get a grab of the corrective approach.

Google Ads-

Google Ads is a very simple form of PPC advertising. The platform enables businesses the right to create ads that appear on Google search engine and other Google properties. Google ads are seamless and operate on the PPC model. Here users bid on Keywords and they pay for each click for their advertisement.

Every time a search is escalated, Google plunges into a pool of advertisers and finds out a set of the winner who appears in the valued ad space on the search result page. The winners are searched based on quite a few factors which include the quality and relevance of keywords. To be honest the business that gets appeared on the page is based on advertiser’s Ad rank.

A particular metric is calculated by multiplying a couple of key factors, CPC bid along with Quality score. The system is perfect to win advertisers with perfection and reach the potential target audience at costs that can fit the budget. It is an auction.

PPC Marketing Through Google Ads

PPC marketing through Google Ads is quite valuable as Google is one of the most popular search engines and thereby it gets quantum traffic. These factors contribute to gaining maximum impression and driving clicks for your ads.

How often the Keywords appear will depend on factors like keywords along with match type that you select. There are other factors also that determine the success of your ad campaigns and they are Keyword relevance along with the quality of landing page, quality score and creative.

Keyword Researching is the Key

Remember keyword researching for PPC is indeed time-consuming but we cannot ignore the fact as it is very important for the promotion of the brand. The entire PPC campaign is built around keywords and most successfully Google ads advertisers grow continuously and they refine their list of Keywords.

If you are conducting only Keyword research as you create your first campaign, you are missing out on key values. Be it the long tail along with keywords of the highest relevancy can drive in traffic for your website. An effective keyword list for PPC campaign needs to be relevant along with it being expansive and exhaustive.

Managing the PPC campaign-

Once you have created the latest campaign you need to manage them regularly and make sure they are effective and reaching out to drive in results. Regular account activity is one of the appropriate approaches to gaining success. You need to carry out an analysis daily and make sure that you are adding PPC based Keywords. At the same time, you can also add negative keywords and do a review of the costly PPC Keywords.

Our take on PPC

This is the basic understanding of the entire PPC cycle and if you are still having difficulty in understanding the approach you can always get in touch with us. We are a professional PPC company in Kolkata, India. We have worked with numerous clients in the past and so far we have gained positive results for our success. We are a company that obviously has a business objective in mind but we also try and educate our customers. PPC is not a cakewalk and thereby we have taken up the onus of letting you know how to go about with the process.

Which is the best PPC?

Every now & then we come across questions from clients about PPC and some even go on the extent of asking which PPC campaign is ideal and how it can drive in results. To be very specific with this question, there is numerous PPC campaign and it is difficult to single out the best from the entire cliché.

The campaign depends on the type of business you are running and the type of product and service you want to sell. All campaigns are good and we would help you to understand some key areas on each campaign.

  1. Search Ads

Search ads are very common and you can view them in the search results. These PPC ads generally appear at the top & bottom of the search result in Google. You will witness these ads tagged with a particular word “ad” to indicate that it is a paid content. These particular ads contain text with no visuals. If you are in favour of creating Google search ad, you will use Google ads for the creation and set up of advertisement.

  1. Display Ads-

Yet another PPC ad campaign that you can use to reach individuals expressing positivity towards your business. These ads appear directly appear on Google partner’s business. Though it is all about text-ads, this particular add will include text along with a photo.

These particular ads are tailored to reach out to your target audience and make them believe in your business. All you set your target market or you can focus on targeting individuals who visited all websites which is quite similar to your own.

  1. Social Ads-

It is one of the most popular paid advertising. These generally appear in social media feeds on numerous platforms. It is one of the most actual and optimal ways to remain connected with a lot of individuals. Once you establish your platform through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you can go ahead to create your ads. You will find a variety of platforms using numerous formats. The format will help you to achieve your goals through the desired campaign.

  1. Remarketing Ads-

Yet another PPC campaign that you can run to drive in the desired target audience. Numerous individual will visit your website and they get the opportunity to learn about your product. Whether they need more time to think about or in need to consider another product, they might not immediately choose your business.

When this happens, you might develop a tendency that you have lost a lead, but that is not the case. You are rather presented with an opportunity to use remarketed ads that get them to think about their business and then choose your brand.

  1. Google Shopping-

It is yet another paid advertising which your business can utilize to generate leads to find your product. These ads generally appear in a carousel format above the main Google search results. It makes the users get to see the products along with the price before they go ahead and click on someone’s website.

  1. Local Service Ads

This advertising is ideal for a business like plumbers along with HVAC companies along with locksmiths, electrician and garage door companies. If your business falls under one of these categories you can reap in the advantages through local service ads.

  1. Gmail Sponsored Promotions-

You can reach interested leads in more than one place. With Gmail sponsored promotion, you can reach interested leads right in their inbox. Gmail sponsored promotion ads generally appear right at the top of the user’s mailbox.

Here we have narrated all the details about the major advertising campaign. If you feel the need for any PPC service you are welcomed to get in touch with us. We will help you as and when required and make sure that you drive potential customers and convert them to sales.

How Much Does PPC Cost?

PPC pricing is not very high to be specific and the price for social media advertisement is also very reasonable. It is up to you how much you want to spend. Few agencies are not in requirement of minimum ad spending while others do. So how much does PPC cost exactly? We have estimated a pricing breakdown that the marketing agencies make use off to price out PPC management.

Also, keep this in mind that maximum PPC managers along with agencies will definitively charge a start-up fee. This is nothing but a standard practise that will cover the time it takes to set up tracking along with landing pages and then sync the analytics and also the other accounts if required.

The Percentage of The Ad Spend & PPC Management Fee-

This is one of the most common PPC payment structures. Here flat monthly management fees along with a percentage of your ad spend in a solitary month. You can expect to spend anything around 15 to 30% in an ad spend percentage along with the flat fee which might be somewhere around $250 and up.

If you are spending $1000 in ads for a solitary month your bill might be around $150-300 in ad spend per month along with flat management fee and your actual ad spends you get good news. What this good news is all about? The percentage-based structure of fee usually will lower down as the ad spends generally increases.

You will, in turn, spend less as the time passes by.  This is an advantageous part of the PPC model. It shows that the PPC agency will be hands-on. They generally will have the budget to manage and one can optimise the campaign daily. In simple words, you get what you pay

The Total Percentage of Ad Being Spent-

As agencies charge a PPC management fee that is based on a percentage of ad being spend. It is typically around 15 to 30% and this number might or might not increase. If you are spending somewhere around $1000 for ads in a single month you can go ahead and spend around $150-300 for management cost. As said this fees will decrease as the ad spend increases. As you witness the results you will be able to put across more for the PPC program and get low cost per click as pay very less for your PPC agency.

Performance-Based Program-

A lot of clients are in favour of PPC management fees as they pay for the results. It is also motivating for agencies to carry it out since you win. However, the agencies generally charge these quotes if your objective is only concerned with lead generation.

Our company is a professional PPC advertising company that has helped many clients in the past and allowed them to drive in more and more business. You can get in touch with us and have a look at our quotes. We can work out and make your brands get a wider reach and you can eventually drive in more potential customers.

What is PPC Strategy?

Search advertising definitively increases the structure of revenue and drives in more traffic and boost up recognition of the brand. It works hand to hand with organic search marketing. Remember it gains traction as search advertising increases sales.

It depends how according to Google a particular business receives average $2 revenue for every $1 on paid advertising on Google ads. But with PPC to work seamlessly a stable foundation needs to be built. A robust PPC strategy is the key to planning and executing and optimising ad campaigns.

Let us discuss a few major steps that allow you to run a successful PPC strategy. No matter how you plan to organize your Google Ads auction bidding we would help you out to get a clear insight about the entire process.

  1. Defining The Goals & The Budget

Firstly you need to ensure that PPC goals align with overall digital marketing strategies. For instance, if your overall aim towards marketing for this quarter is to increase the traffic the goal of PPC would be to achieve high clicks through rate to the site. Once the goal is set the activities will help you to achieve the goal that becomes apparent.

Now you need to ensure that the paid marketing goals are not accurately working against existing organic marketing goals. All you need to do is check out your organic share of voice for Keyword you are in want to incorporate in the paid search budget.

You need to determine how many shares of voice you are capturing from SEO efforts. Carry out a complete analysis before you add the keywords that are already bringing about a large amount of traffic to the respective site through PPC campaigns.

In the next step, all you need to do is define the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). For instance, the key goal of PPC is to generate leads and the KPI’s should be the number of sales and the marketing qualified conversions you are aiming to increase through paid search. All you can do is activate the conversion tracking in Google Ads for this parameter to work seamlessly.

Now you need to track your budget and identify the search terms that you plan to bid on and look at how many clicks you can expect realistically. The exact number of clicks generally depends on numerous factors.

This may include the quality of ad copy and it might be the robustness of the landing page as it is directly related to the search query. Make sure of noting the aggressive nature of the bids being placed by the competitors. A study suggests that almost around 33% individual will click directly on the paid ads if it answers the search query.

In the final step, you need to identify the breakeven point between where the particular paid marketing efforts commence generating a positive ROI. If the PPC service is not capable of breaking even in the stipulated frame of time, you need to reassess.

  1. Knowing About The Competitive Landscape

As you analyse the particular landscape, you can get to know who the main paid search competitors are. Make sure what they are doing and is your campaign aggressive enough to compete with them. If you are not sure use tools to find out about them and make your task seamless. Through competitor keyword Matrix you can find out both organic and paid keywords from 10 competitors. Google Ads does have specified characteristics that help you to outrank the competitors.

  1. Keyword Researching

You need to have a list of competitor Keyword ready so that things become easy for you. That would indeed be a good start, but that is not the only way around. All you can do is go ahead for Analog and then know about the broad keyword terms around the product characteristics or verticals.

If the site does have a search function you need to export all the searches from the last three months and next you can categorize them by type. If you are ready with the content or you can create content it fills the search intent. Lastly, you need to access your sites Google search console and get a grab of the existing organic list of keywords with a high click-through rate (CTR).

  1. Writing Efficient Ad Text

Here you need to get acquainted with the search engine’s basic policies around ad texts. Make use of targeted keywords at least once in both the ad headline and the body of the text. You can make use of action term like “Sign Up” right at the beginning of the ad copy so that the users are aware of what really to expect when the click is applied.

Finally, you can match up to your PPC goals and objectives. You can include the price or the relevant statistics in the respective ad copy. Remember that the searchers are drawn to the ads that make accurate and concrete promises.

Make sure that you live up to these promises on the landing pages. Do not forget about the display URL as searchers at a time copy the URL to guide their respective navigation. Make sure that the display URL is very much user friendly. At the same time, they need to be descriptive about where they would land. Check out the competitor’s ad copy and then you can differentiate.

  1. Building PPC Landing Page For Optimising Conversion

The ads that you are posting should take the searchers to create landing pages. As the gap between the landing page content and search intent decreases, the conversion rate increases. If you are sending all searches to a generic page, that might have a negative impact & affect quality score. What it means is that the ads will have a lower chance of getting visible in the search results.

Keep the keywords & messaging in a constant flow between the ad text and the landing pages. Each landing page needs to have a solitary call to action based on your key metrics right from the planning stage. The design needs to remain simple and user friendly.

There are quite a few elements that slow up a particular site and you need to identify that hazardous element. Make sure of addressing those factors and make your website seamless. Your only objective at this point is to make the visitor accomplish the particular goal.

To be honest, few more areas fall under PPC strategy like researching the negative keywords and finally measure the report, but we have discussed the key areas. We being a professional PPC marketing company are always eager to execute our plans into action.

Our campaigns have brought about halcyon days for many and we hope to continue the valued task in the days to come. All you can do is count on us so that we can help you to make your business get a valued reach.

How Do I Get Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising?

To get your PPC campaign underway you can get in touch with us. We are a professional and trustworthy company that has lived up to the expectation of several. Our experts at our PPC advertising company have complete knowledge and understanding about the latest buzz that makes your business seamless. We have narrated in detail what makes us the real differentiator and why you should avail services from us.

Our Working Procedure

We have worked for numerous companies, be it big or small we have never let our clients down. Our research team is eager to put the best foot forward as and when is required. Our full capacity PPC management packages are tailored to make your business reach leviathan height in a quick period. Apart from generating quality leads, you can increase sales turnover in a quick period.

The Key Strategies Implemented By Us-

Content is important but it is not everything and it is not the ultimate solution. You require something more than that. A well-crafted landing page with business-driven content can do the task for you. We create a complete analysis of your business and your website and we curate research-proven keywords that can work wonders for you. We will cater a solution that not only fits your budget but drives in more and more business.

Actionable leads speak volumes of positive character-

All you will require a proper strategy, actionable leads and customers who are looking ahead to purchase your product on an immediate basis. Just get in touch with us and allow us to gain control over your business. The PPC campaign that we offer drives ideal results and you can take your business to impending heights.

Is PPC Expensive?

PPC pricing is not high and the desired price for social media advertisement is also quite affordable. Now it is up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend. There are quite a few agencies and they are not in favour of spending amount even on minimum ads, while some others are quite in favour of doing so.

If you seeking PPC management from a reputable agency, they generally charge a start-up fee or one can define it as a standard practice. There is a whole lot of action being involved in running a PPC campaign and the pricing varies from one campaign to the other. Pricing for each campaign is different and working procedure also varies. Generally, we have a standard plan and if you are interested to work with us we can mail you the pricing.

Hopefully, you will find it interesting and we are sure our plans will be within your budget. We would never like to extract more from you rather we want your business to reach a formidable height. Our professional will try and put the best foot forward so that you receive the best PPC campaign in town.

How much should I pay For PPC Management Service?

To be honest, PPC involves a whole lot of activities and pricing for each activity are different. Our PPC specialists have all the price structures with them and, if you are interested to know the quotations, you are welcomed to get in touch with us. We receive payments through Gateways and also through credit cards. The pricing structure is created by us are affordable and you will surely not find it burdensome.

How much does Google PPC Cost?

As we have discussed in the aforementioned question that the pricing depends on quite a few factors and the price is quoted on the campaign you are choosing. Our experts are aware and updated with all the latest innovation and campaigns. They tend to take up stiff challenges and make even the tough task look simple.

You can get in touch with us and let us know about your business. We will finalise a quote and send it across to you. Hope you will find things interesting and we can create a positive bond of amity.

Why PPC is so important?

PPC is one of the key factors for having a great advertisement on the digital platform. What it does is, it allows your business to gain impending height in a quick period. At the same time, you can win over your competitors and drive in maximum profit.

After at least a solitary month of PPC advertisement, you can witness the difference of positivity. The positives can either be an increase of customers or you can receive more phone calls where customer can put up a query about your product.

Not to forget the number of visits to your site will increase in a quick period. You can compare the data after the completion of one month and get a transparent idea about where the budget needs to be for each of the campaigns.

PPC Can set more positive values than another campaign. Google has been the most popular search engine and it receives maximum traffic and this alone can prove to be advantageous for your PPC campaign. Paying for bids will help you to get your ad right at the top of the result page.

It allows you the maximum potential for increased clicks, impression & conversions. As you generate more and more leads you can save maximum. Finally, it would be wise to say that PPC marketing service directs the right customers at the accurate time to your ad. It is undoubtedly the most efficient tool that allows your brand to stand still amidst the competition.

How do you measure PPC?

Although each & every metrics are important while evaluating PPC marketing your goals will finally determine which metrics are to be focused on. As a general rule, there are quite a few areas that you can focus to measure PPC marketing.

Areas like visibility in the first page on Google or at top of Google and so on. There are a few more areas but it depends completely on you and your choices. The metrics and measurement vary from factor to factor.

How effective is PPC?

Through PPC you will only have to pay for the visits that you receive. In other advertising forms and traditional advertising, the advertiser pays a fee for having the ad shown but there is no guarantee that it will generate results.

With PPC there is a direct link between cost and performances. Through PPC you can get a complete understanding of the ad that is in performance. You also get to know the number of impression & clicks that are being applied.

Through PPC the ad reaches the corrective audience and you also have the opportunity to control your overall budget. Finally if you the task is being performed through a PPC agency you can achieve better visibility.

What is PPC Management Service?

PPC strategy is something where the marketer takes the onus of overseeing the company’s overall PPC ad strategy along with the budget. To be honest the entire task can be formulated by in house team consisting of professional PPC marketers.

If not the task can be outsourced to an external agency and they take up the responsibility of executing the task like keyword research and targeting channels. The PPC agency in charge of carrying out the task also does the competition analysis and carries out campaign optimisation.

If you are convinced enough, you are always welcomed to come up to us and let us know your business goals. We will curate a master plan that can bring about halcyon days for you. Have faith in us so that we can do the task with accuracy and seamlessness.