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Bauwow The Pet Social Network |

Everything you can possibly need for you and your dog in one single app?

It’s Bauwow!

– Create the profile of your dog
– Build your own pack
– Check the dogs around you
– Invite your friends to play at the park
– Send barks

Dog areas
– Check in
– See who is playing
– Set play dates with the members of your pack

Dog Friendly Places
– Restaurants
– Bar, Cafes, Pubs
– Beaches and Pools
– Accommodation
– …more to come

– Vets and Clinics
– Pet stores (Pet stores that sell puppies are not accepted)
– Groomers
– Walkers and Sitters
– Pharmacies
– Kennels and Daycare
– Shelters and Rescues
– Associations and Foundations
– …more to come

– Register the medical history
– Synchronize future appointments with the vet, the walker or the groomer with the calendar of your device
– Schedule recurring medications
– Record the allergies, the weight, the identification number, the on heat period
– Check the dangerous food

The Daily Bark
– Publish your photos
– News from all over the world
– Comments and likes
– Share news and pictures with main social network

If you own a restaurant, a cafe, a pub, a B&B, camping, hotel, any kind of accommodation, or if you are a vet, groomer, pet store, walker or sitter, or any of the services above, register through our portal and pop up in the app with your professional profile.

For more information contact us at

Bauwow – Everything in one App!