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Proven Technology That Empowers Custom Software Development | Digital Marketing Lab

July 13, 2020

Your website acts as a key instrument for creating your online presence and maintaining your brand awareness in the online platform. It is not just a conglomeration of images and laden with compelling contents, rather it is more to it. A well-crafted website can drive in more and more individuals. The compelling structures allow them to stay on your website and browse your product and service list for a long time. But as we think about the website we need to think about the framework that needs to implemented and here we will be discussing a few frameworks that are being used by developers extensively.

Python- You can avail custom software development from a web development company in Kolkata that ideally caters to the needed flexibility and durability in the products. With the Python framework, you are sure to get visually appealing data. You will also get easy to use interface on numerous sourced data with solid infrastructure along with ease of management of humongous data in a single go.

PHP– It is a wonderful object-oriented platform as it can be used for almost everything. Right from the web application to data analysis, it can be applied everywhere. It does have great functionality and of course the rich build in features with all customization you are sure to gain an enriched platform.

Microsoft– We are an all-round custom software development company and this allows you to get custom software mainly for stiff business ambiance. With the Microsoft framework, we are here to lend you some instrumental application development to data management. The opulent customizations along with high business logic and security capabilities are perfect to take your business to impending heights.

Java– The technologically enriched process of Java allows you to enhance the efficient approach and perfect scalability. Our Software Development methodology makes perfect use of Java to cater to tailor-made advantages. A smart solution along with adaption and big data processing, cost reduction are all multi-functional java based applications. Let us do the needful for you and allow you to have access to one of the best software development technologies.

Mobile app– Mobile apps are not just for entertaining the users, it is more than that. They have their business-centric application and now they are handling numerous enterprise-oriented operations.

The mobile application development companies in India carry out applications for the web as well as for mobile platforms. Our enterprise mobile applications are quite easy to use and it secures efficiency. It lends you optimal scalability with perks. Undoubtedly it enhances the level of productivity.

E-commerce– We make your online business management system easy and very much comprehensive. Right from the web application to mobile-based application and robust software we provide our custom software development in a tailored manner. What it does is it eases the functionality that allows you to enhance the level of product visibility and better data management. We help you to improve customer relationships and of course, increase the Return on Investment.

Open Source– Open source allows you to get maximum technical superiority in business operations. It allows you to respond perfectly and create a robust structure so that it becomes tailored for current challenges in the market. We are a maker of contemporary software that boosts efficiency and development. Few of the open-source technologies that we use comprehensively are Apache along with WordPress, Java, and PHP

SAP– It leads to the show for enterprise application software and allows us the final edge towards customizing your products as per the unique needs. SAP is nothing but an innovative solution that ideally helps you track custom along with business interaction and these compliances cater to your great enterprise resource planning and data management program.

IoT– You can ahead and find across the correct set of technology and expert developers that are eager to create a positive benchmark for you. The robust and dependable IoT technology can be the appropriate solution to satiate your unique and innovative preferences. We would help you to integrate IoT right from simple to complex business operations. It decreases the efforts and it gives you time to think beyond and grow rapidly.

AI/BI– The intelligent technologies help you to gain perfect impetus in your verticals. It provides you with a data-driven business-centric solution. What we do is cater to quality integration by making use of skillful developers of the latest technologies like that of AI and BI. It helps you to make more precise decisions while decreasing overall efforts in a sublime manner.

Cloud– Huge amount of data is generated each day, but rather than thinking it as waste you can make use of it as an advantage. With Cloud Integration service you can able to manage your data in a much better manner using it further to build better customer relationships. It allows you to get access to all major information that can ideally enhance the level of productivity.

Blockchain- In the yesteryears when blockchain first came into existence was merely a cryptocurrency tool. Now the security and activeness being used in developing flexible and secured programs help you to grow better business verticals.

Robust custom application for your commercial needs

For a tailored and technology-driven application, you are sure to gain business-driven output. It improves your decision along with business results. The ROI and workforce productivity reach impending heights through our application.

Custom portal development– All you will find B2B along with B2C and C2C customized business portals. We allow you to access information at lightning speed. With our intelligent corporate SME’s start-up solution we make use of highly integrated experience and you are perfectly able to live your business dreams.

SaaS Development– This is one such platform that allows you flexibility and security that are needed to develop a robust empire for yourself in the business domain. With our SaaS development, we aim to help you grow in an efficient manner and harsh business ambiance.

Real-time application– Custom Software development & providers of mobile application development in Kolkata allows you to develop a highly customized application. It helps you to bring real-time information and data. With the advanced analytic tool, you can respond to numerous customer needs in a much better and more improved manner. It improves decision-making capabilities.