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Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation Management Is One Of The Most Important Elements In Business Growth.


Online Reputation Management is useful for increasing positive brand awareness, enhancing keyword driven search results and for pushing down the negative content that may appear within the SERPs through keyword or searches

In this digital era, your reputation comes first. In fact people rely on what they read online. Needless to say; good reputation can make your business grow. On the other hand; just a small blot on your business reputation can cause immense damage. Our reputation management services are exclusively designed to penetrate into the world of social media, search mentions for your brand, and shield it sensibly from negative reviews or brand associations.

There is absolutely no one line formula or no mechanism for ensuring fairness about the negative or positive reviews that your business may receive online. We tailor our approach to optimize positive reviews about your brand and business.

Online Reputation Management – what’s that anyway?

As briefed already your online reputation is important. With the proliferation of the growing number of people searching online to assess business, negative reviews and comments have the immense potential to act negatively on their purchasing decision. This is why monitoring your online reputation and taking the appropriate course of action to counter negative comments is an important aspect for your business

Why do you need to monitor online reputation?

Online Reputation Management

Here are a few interesting figures to mull over. Studies reveal – 78% of Internet users’ research online before purchasing any product. 80% of internet users change their buying decision after countering a negative review online. So; what does this mean for you? Simple- your business is at the mercy of online commentaries. This is also where the concept of online reputation management comes in. It not only allows you to dissipate negative comments but proactive online reputation management also allows you in optimizing positive reviews about your business.

What We Do?

Simply put; we manage your reputation online.

Our reputation management services work in two-fold ways.

  • In case you’re going through an ORM problem, we can identify and wittily get rid of it from search engines using applicable tools.
  • In case you’re going through an ORM problem, we can identify and wittily get rid of it from search engines using applicable tools.

Added advantages of our service

Review Building: Our expert team of reputation managers will comb through your social media profiles and other online channels for collecting positive reviews about your service, product and business. We will then post these reviews in authoritative websites in order to surpass the negative reviews in search results. The focus is simple – we aim to “push down” the negative reviews while highlighting the positive reviews and comments about your product, service and business.

Social media profile creation & Optimization: We will set up your social media accounts and will optimize your social channels by regular updates, by participating in discussions, by joining group and more.

Social Media Profile Boosting: Well; our job does not end with profile creation and optimization because for crafting your reputation online social media profile boosting stands as an important element, which should not be missed out. This is basically a recurring service with which we ensure that every activity, which we do on your social profile, improve your online reputation.

Research & Analysis and Content Generation: Yes, research, competitor Backlink analysis and relevant and meaningful content generation are all part of a foolproof online reputation management effort. We will analyze your current online portfolio and create a tailored campaign that suits your branding the most. Based on our research and analysis data we may create micro-sites and blogs to help you dominate the SERPs.

Customized Strategy: Of course; we can craft customized strategies to handle dissatisfied employees, subtle competitors or grave customer service issues. We take brand and individual audit into special concern to understand and sort it out with effective solutions.

Software Suggestions: Alike SEO, ORM also comes with tools in all shapes and sizes. We can suggest software that suits your pocket and resources.

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