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Search Engine Optimization

At Digital Marketing Lab (#DML) we help your website draw more attention to itself by ranking higher in search engines, generate a constant stream of new leads and thereby increase chances of sale.

How does SEO help your brand?

To put it very simply, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy with which you make sure that when someone searches for something relevant to your business on the search engine, your website shows up among the top results.

Since a lot of internet users trust search engines, mostly Google, as a reliable source of online information, it is crucial that your website, your social media profiles, your business listings and all the content on these platforms are SEO optimized.

Why should you hire DML as your SEO partner?

We care for you, focus on the flow of conversion and optimize to set an exemplary user experience model.
  • We have training, knowledge and experience specific to the field of SEO.
  • We do not second-guess SEO tactic – we know what we are doing and execute them with precision.
  • SEO takes time and a lot of research, and as professionals, we take the burden off your hands.
  • Professional service will give you value for money and carry out optimized usage of your resources, however limited.
  • You have a much better chance of overtaking the competition with professional SEO assistance.
SEO Partner
SEO Company Kolkata, India

What SEO Services do we offer?

With a coherent combination of all the SEO services provided by DML, we make a committed effort to push your brand name through the encroached online space.

Here are the practices that make DML perfect:
Keyword Research

Every successful SEO campaign begins with accurate keyword research and then infusing the in the content later. We run an in-depth and exhaustive keyword research relevant to your business, gathering insight into the queries and concerns of your audience base.

Content Update

Old and obsolete content is the utmost enemy of a brand’s image. It has to be maintained over all platforms, and kept fresh and crisp for the sake of your company. We create new content infused with the keywords that comes up in the research, and replace the stale content with the new one on a regular basis.

Link Building

Links leading to your website is a time-tested white hat SEO method that never fails. We track all your online contents and imbue permalinks whenever applicable. Backlinks from other well-known domains and blogs are also very advantageous to build reputation for your site, which we create for you as guest posts.

Improve Social Media Presence

An extensive and relevant social media presence is automatically deduced by search engines like Google as significant and show your pages higher up in the results. So a good social media presence is not only important to stay relevant, but to draw traffic as well.

At DML we have a holistic approach to SEO and for the matter of fact to everything we undertake to deliver.  It is not just volumes of backlinks or vanity metrics we keep brooding over but it is more about uplifting the brand and creating measurable impact on business, what we contemplate on.

The SEO strategy DML adopts often constitutes a part of a fully integrated digital marketing strategy. The effort thus set the benchmarks to measure success. We extend equal attention to global brands and the basics of local SEO marketing.

Our team boasts chosen talents across disciplines to cover everything you need. We would be happy to help you uncover the fixes to have a jolt in your rankings.

Let’s work together and attain the BUMP in your rank!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization and this is a practice of increasing the quality along with the quantity of traffic on your business website. The entire modus-operandi can be executed through organic search engine results. To get a complete understanding of SEO as a whole let us break the definition and address of every single area.

Quality of Traffic: Through quality traffic one can drive in visitors who are very much interested in the respective products that you are offering. For instance, if you own a home cleaning related business, individuals seeking for home cleaning will put up inquiry at your website or will call you up directly.

Quantity of traffic: Once you get the right individuals clicking from the Search Engine Result Page, and then you are bound to drive in more traffic. 

Organic Result: Advertisement makes up a paramount portion for numerous SERP’s. It is to be noted that for driving organic traffic you will not have to pay any amount. Organic search traffic is nothing but unpaid traffic that is generated from SERP’s. 

The categorization of SEO

SEO is categorized in a couple of general buckets and that is On-page SEO along with off-page SEO. All the one-page tasks are carried out on your website and the off-page task is carried out away from the page. Both On pages along with off-page tends to make the website user friendly and of course make it trustworthy so that visitors can stay in.

As search engine crawlers witness how cordial the website is to them and how it is behaving with the users, there are higher chances that your website will rank positively. To make things more transparent let us have a different angle to it.

A simple understanding of the web crawling process in SEO

For instance, you are having a couple of websites and that is Website A & Website B. Website A is not responsive and thereby users on tablets and smartphones will find it tough to navigate and use the particular site. Website B is however quite responsive and thereby one will have a better experience altogether. For the search engines, it is an easy decision to make out which of the website is friendlier. 

What is SEO and how does it work?

The internet has made the entire world at our fingertips. In general, we are not more than a few clicks away from any kind of information we could be looking for. As individuals are looking ahead for information along with services, products, they visit the online platform. But how can a layman come to know about a small scale business?

This is where the answer lies. If your website is not optimized, it can be assumed that you are losing out on potential customers. The traffic generation is decreasing and as we have said you are unable to drive in key customers. 

We have discussed this in our previous segments that only having a website is not enough and thereby you need to market the website so that you can stand amidst the competition. To make things transparent and make you visible in the search engine page get in touch with an SEO expert or an SEO agency that can create positive results for you. Now a question that arises is how SEO works? Let us have a look at and address these key areas.

A technical explanation-

To be honest search engines have metaphorical spiders. These are not the creepy spiders that we witness every now & then but they are automated are a kind of robot. These spiders are capable of collecting all major data and information about your website and the respective pages that constitute your website. They are capable of collecting speed of the pages along with title tags, social signals, and internal link building, and so on.

  • Things that are to be considered

With more than 200 ranking factors applied by Google in their algorithm, there are a whole lot of things that are to be considered. At the same time, the actions can be brought in to get the website optimized. There are both factors involving On-page along with off-page ranking factors. These generally determine how well the site is optimized.

  • On-Page & Off-Page Factors

The on-page factors are the same as what they sound like. All the tasks that are done on the page are like Meta tagging, site speed, content curation, image alt tags, and many more. Off-page factors are based on links that can be driven to your site from other sites. These bots are automated computer programs and are not driven manually by humans. Yes, there are a few limitations but if executed in proper manner things can work profoundly.

The automated computer programs can’t have complete access to the website just like you & I does as the website is not visible to them. They will start crawling the codes of the websites and this means they cannot see images or videos nor are they very much interested in flashy designs along with audio clips. They cannot even comprehend the contents as we do.

Our professionalism and our approach towards your project-

By now you have some basic ideas on how SEO works and now you can make it work for you. Optimizing your website for a search engine is not at all a humongous task by any means. If you are not technically smart enough you might have to face a bit of challenge. You can always reach out to us and seek our help and let us know about your business in detail. We are a professional & trustworthy SEO company having expertise in optimizing websites and make them more appealing and business-driven.

It does not matter if you are new in learning about SEO or have reached one step ahead, we are ready to help. Our SEO Company has made tailored packages which are sure to be ideal for you and you can surely reap in more & more advantages for your businesses in the days to come.

How many types of SEO services can be availed?

There are three types of SEO for a well rounded organic search strategy and they are mainly defined as on-page SEO along with off-page SEO & finally Technical SEO. By breaking down the strategy you need to apply SEO strategy based on these three key areas.

It will be a much easier process to organize and optimize the plans accordingly. In this particular post, we will get to know a few areas and how they can make your overall marketing strategy more & transparent. We will also let you know about the varied tools that can ideally help you to improve & improvise your performance in every category.

  • On-Page SEO-

It generally includes a key strategy that allows optimization of an individual page on a particular website. All these factors help search engines to get a transparent understanding of the topic and witness that the website is a key source that individuals would want to find. In On-Page SEO you can get a complete understanding of Keyword Research.

You can find the best Keywords to get it targeted on the page. On the second page, the contents need to get curated meticulously with special emphasis on the Keywords, and thirdly the focus shifts towards keyword optimization.

In the process of Keyword optimization targeted Keywords need to be curated in the accurate place using Meta tag SEO. If you are making use of Alexa tools it allows making on-page SEO more and more transparent.

  • Technical SEO-

It generally includes strategies to include the site’s backend structure along with the foundation of the website. If you are in favor of improving the readability of the website and gain good SEO experience then technical SEO is ideal for you. 

The process makes the search engine see that the particular website is of high quality. Better user experience is quite mandatory and important for readers and it can affect overall traffic. Here factors like site speed, mobile-friendly nature, indexing, site architectures are taken into account. An easy way to check the state of technical SEO is by the usage of the Alexa tool.  

  • Off-Site SEO-

Off-page techniques influence the relationship of the website with that of another website. It includes the key strategies to create a website’s reputation along with authority. These factors are capable of helping search engines to have a look that a website is an ideal search result as it is a form of reputable along with a reliable and trusted source.

Through Off-page technology, you can generate maximum backlinks & gain trust signals through varied link building and guest post strategies. To create a link building plan you can use Alexa backlinks checker. You can enter 10 URL’s of competitor website and receive reports with all key links pointing towards your competitors.

We have examined the key areas of the types of SEO that need to be implementing when we are working with a project. Our SEO agency in Kolkata is confident and is highly qualified with the latest SEO buzz that is going around. We hope you can get ample satisfaction after availing of services from us. 

What is Organic SEO Services?

If you are an owner of a website, you must be aware that how important it is for users to visit your website. Through your website, one can learn about your product or service and off course your brand as a whole. But what if you are not generating traffic? Traffic is something that eventually will boost your brand and allow you to stand amidst the competition.

If traffic generation is getting a decreased organic SEO campaign can help you out. Organic SEO can be defined as a game-changer as 75% of searchers do not even click past the first page of the result. If you are not generating high ranks your website won’t be generating traffic. Organizations need to pay attention to SEO as users rely on the search engine to find what they are in need of.

90% of online experiences generally commences with a search engine like Google. The fact is organic traffic captures more than 40% revenue and search engines deliver closer rates that are eight times high than that of traditional marketing. Search is nothing but a valuable marketing channel that is ready to drive revenue for your business.

Google & Organic search-

Before we go further about organic SEO, it is very important to understand Google and its modus operandi. Numerous SEO company in Kolkata opines that we need to understand why it plays such a key role in organic SEO. To be honest, Google as a search engine does have a big responsibility.

The search engine’s key goal is to ensure that when a particular user comes up with a particular query, it returns the key information and beneficial results as much as possible. Google also cares about the experience that its users will be having on a particular website. Thereby it looks at simple things like that of user experience, page speed, and dwells time. All these key site factors play a pivotal role in organic search rankings & where your site appears in SERPs. 

Does SEO Really Work?

Over the years SEO has received an unofficial reputation. To be honest, only a handful of the individual has so far engaged in few dishonest tactics that have made the taste rotten for all of us. SEO has never or will never succeed in becoming an exact & accurate science. There has been lots of debate in the past over the ways of generating quality traffic.

At times analysts also come across if SEO is at all necessary as the internet continues to evolve and the search engine changes the factors of ranking and factors of the algorithm. Some even go on to the extent of asking if SEO works or not. To answer your queries we will have assimilated a few points that will make you understand that things work.

We offer SEO services to all our clients all across the globe. Let us start and give you a brief idea of why SEO service is essential and how we can help you in the days to come.

Meaning & Definition-

SEO is a conglomeration of methods that numerous website owners can apply to increase their rankings in search engines like Google. The approaches include the ranks of targeting keywords along with improving the speed of the site and making the site mobile friendly. Through SEO one can generate more traffic and more leads to a business website.

Importance of SEO-

Think about your habits while you are searching for something online. What are the exact numbers of pages of results you click through as you go for Google search? The more the business gains exposure in the search engine, you are sure to get more clicks.

If you are gaining exposure in the search engine, then you are one step ahead of drawing the attention of customers. You are more likely to find a solution to their problem and find an answer to their questions.

If SEO Works or Not- An Explanation

SEO evolves frequently as it is based on an ever-changing algorithm that is set forth by the search engines that allows individuals with optimal results. For instance, if Google decided it favoured website with a particular coloured background barring the other colours SEO practices and parameters should have to be according to the demands.

An accepted and tailored practice that was used a few years might not work transparently now. SEO keeps on changing and thereby individuals think that SEO tactics do not always live up to the expectation & it does not work. SEO will work meticulously only when you are applying the corrective tactics and of course the current tactics. Remember if you are making use of outdated guidelines or some practice which was performed in the yesteryears can cause to be problematic in the ranking.

You Are Sure To Gain Tailored Results If SEO Is Done Properly

If SEO is done transparently through a professional SEO Consultant you are sure to gain maximum exposure and you are certain that your website will get a better ranking in the search engine. In simple words, if you are are not technologically sound enough, you might land up in trouble.

We are here to help you as and when needed-

We would opine to get in touch with us and let us do the needful for you. Our digital marketers are aware of the latest trades & tricks of SEO and they will put the best foot forward as and when is required. They are aware of the updates and the buzz that is going around and they are quite aware of how Google goes about with its modus operandi.

How long does SEO take to Work?

If an SEO agency uses old and outdated practice then you are being kept away from ranking. You might find your search ranking dropping down and find that the website has been completely removed from search results. So it is always better to adopt contemporary approaches that can generate a quick ranking.

Here we will explain to you in a nutshell on the time taken by proper SEO tactics to deliver an optimal result. To be very accurate with the answer we must say it depends. It depends on how long the website has been around and how much SEO has been done on the website in the past. Factors like the site speed and originality of content, the linking profile all matters a lot. We have estimated a general time frame that can be adopted for all SEO campaigns.

  • Month-1 – Research along with the latest discoveries and website audit matters for generating good ranking. Keyword strategy and planning are also very essential and it is very important for making a website generate rank in a quick period. If research & discovery is done then the technical changes are done quickly. The entire research and development can at least take a time of 20 days or even a month maybe. 
  • Month-2– If one is in favor of technical SEO of site modification then the site needs to be overhauled. Other key SEO activities such as working on link profile and curating content can be done simultaneously. If you find yourself in the renovating situation, you can go ahead and do SEO, but the results won’t be pouring in. It is only because the changes that have been will only result only after all the things are curated perfectly and it will have an impact only when the task gets completed.
  • Month-3– One needs to focus on content creation like a curation of blogs along with articles and FAQs, white papers, and so on. You need to go ahead with this strategy right after the plan for an SEO campaign is laid. Whatever technical issue persists, things need to get sorted out and then you can research the ways of generating ranks. If things are addressed right at the beginning you might see improvement in ranking from next month onward. If this ranking translates into the lead then it is better.
  • Month 4- Now in the fourth month you can witness a marked increase in the improvement of traffic and lead generation. If the concerned digital marketing expert’s plan of action has fallen in place you are sure to witness improved and improvised results.  
  • Month-5- In the fifth month, you can concentrate on Social Media Management into your plan to amplify the contents and increase direct traffic to your website. What it does is, it leads to a healthy and natural link profile. You can continue with the creation of content and perhaps engage in PR or media outreach. In the mere future, you can see more and more traffic coming in from SEO at this point and the leads should be increasing rapidly.  
  • Month-6- In the sixth month, if the traffic has reached over 5000 visitors in a solitary month, you can have the advantage of adding conversion rate optimization. From this point on all your activities will be focused on content creation and promoting content. The specified activities might vary greatly depending on the type of company you are and the kind of website you are having. 

Quite a few organizations will tell you that it takes around 4-6 months to see a quality result and that is correct. But you need to make sure that as you commence to see results the SEO results grow over time. The results that you are gaining in 6 months should be considerably lesser than what you are achieving at a span of one full year. At some point, you might be seeing your results tapering off, and then it might be a matter of maintaining results rather than going ahead and focusing on increasing the number.

In conclusion, we would like to add that SEO is a long term marketing plan and should not be defined as a way and approach to generating sales quickly. If you are making proper investment and are planning positively, SEO marketing can reap in maximum advantages and you are sure to drive in positive results.

As per our organization is concerned, we are a local SEO company and you can call us up or drop us a mail regarding your SEO plans and your business. We will help your business to generate a good ranking in the search engine. We hope you will have patience in us and allows us to work in a structured manner by implementing tools and valued technological progression.

Do I get a Monthly Report?

Yes, you will be getting monthly reports from us. Generally, we being a local SEO service send across two reports in a single month and the reports there would be a complete analysis of the progress. Whatever task we have done for you would be mentioned with transparency. At the same time, you can also get detailed about the areas we couldn’t touch on. The report also acts as a document that allows both the client and the agency to have a written accord of the task been done.

How do I find an affordable and professional SEO service?

If you are carrying out a bit of research you will come across numerous agencies all across the country, but make sure that they are catering a valuable package. We are one such company that has been in the market for more than one decade and we know how to go about with our task.  Our packages are curated according to the tasks that are to be implemented for your business. If your website is already ranking and there are no technical issues we can select an affordable package for you. If not, we need to curate an alternative package that will work efficiently but you need to pay a bit more than the basic package.

Can I do SEO on my own?

If are technically aware of how SEO works, you can go ahead with your task. By carrying out the task all by yourself you can save a lot of money. But if you are not aware of the SEO tactics then you are sure to land up in trouble. We would suggest you get in touch with a professional digital marketer or a digital marketing agency and from there you can avail of all the key digital marketing services including SEO. The SEO analyst will take up the onus of helping you out and make your website a good ranking in the search engine. 

If you are confident about us you can always get in touch with us let us know about your business. We will curate a valid plan that makes your business get a wider reach. Our plans are tailored for numerous kinds of business & we are sure you will receive the quality result from us. Count on us for valued and professional service.

Which SEO techniques are popular?

This question is quite popular and one of the most difficult questions to answer. To be honest there are numerous SEO techniques and a digital marketer needs to keep him updated with all the latest techniques. A professional SEO technique depends primarily on the business you are into and the technicalities that are to be incorporated in the website.

At the same time, an SEO practitioner will analyze the other details and layout a plan about the other tasks that are to be applied for your business. We cannot define any particular genre of SEO as popular or less popular, but yes what we can do is apply the contemporary tactics as Google keeps on changing them. It is better to apply and adopt the latest technicalities as it can drive in more proven results. 

Should I hire someone for SEO?

If you are aware of the technicalities of SEO then you can surely go ahead and do the task all alone. If you are carrying out the task all by yourself then you are surely saving a whole lot of money, but if you are not aware of the technicalities then you will end up in a mess. It is better to get in touch with an expert and let him do the task for you. 

With our company, our digital marketers are aware of the latest buzz and technicalities and we can assure you to bring quality ranking in a quick period. Get in touch with us & witness the difference in positivity.

How much shall I spend on SEO Service?

The amount you pay for SEO services and SEO optimization will depend on the size of your business and the extent of service that you require. While the cost of SEO varies from agency to agency, it is important to remember that you get what you are paying as it comes to SEO services. While you choose an SEO agency, do not ever compromise with the quality.

There would numerous professionals in the industry and the services that you avail from them would be a bit expensive, but you will receive ROI from them. It is better to avail of and experienced and costly service provider rather than going for a modest and inexperienced package and service provider. It is tough to estimate the package given the range of campaigns.

The maximum of the SEO projects ranges between $400 in a month to $10,000 depending on the level of service. A miniature business with a 15-page website will be at the lower end of the spectrum while an eCommerce site with more than 50,000 products needs to be placed on a large scale SEO budget.

In the end, your goals need to determine concisely about the amount that you need to be spending on SEO services. The bigger your website is, the more expensive the SEO projects are got to be. It means you expect to pay a bigger amount for SEO service.

It is quite important to remember that the SEO strategies are ongoing and instead of investing for a time SEO strategy better to think of a monthly SEO plan. It will be keeping the particular website fresh and it will continually help the site to rank in the top search results.

What is crawling in SEO?

Crawling is nothing but a discovery process in which the search engine sends out a team of robots and they are in charge of finding and updating the latest content. The contents can vary and it can be a web page content or it can be blogs or images, but regardless of the format content is always discovered by links. Googlebot commences out by fetching up a few of the web pages and then it will be following the links on those web pages to find across new URLs.

By hooping across the latest path of links, the crawler can find across the latest content and add to the index defined as caffeine. This caffeine is a humongous database of discovered URL’s. These can later be retrieved as a searcher is looking ahead for information that the content on that URL is perfect for match.    

How long does it take to see results after availing SEO services?

We have already discussed this in detail in our previous questions and again we would like to let our clients know that SEO is not rocket science and it will take time. Near about 4-6 months are to be devoted to fetch valuable results. We have already discussed the parameters that are to be applied and digital marketers will work accordingly to drive in results. If you are in favor of availing services from us, then you can remain assured that we will help you to fetch the result. You just need to have faith in us and have patience, so that we can work accurately and drive-in quality results for your business website.

What SEO services include?

SEO agency India offers some of the most common seo marketing services such as local SEO, Ecommerce SEO and voice SEO. As the leading SEO consultant our traditional seo services provide everything you need to succeed.