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SEO Agency Kolkata, India

Search Engine Optimization

At Digital Marketing Lab (#DML) we help your website draw more attention to itself by ranking higher in search engines, generate a constant stream of new leads and thereby increase chances of sale.

How does SEO help your brand?

To put it very simply, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the strategy with which you make sure that when someone searches for something relevant to your business on the search engine, your website shows up among the top results.

Since a lot of internet users trust search engines, mostly Google, as a reliable source of online information, it is crucial that your website, your social media profiles, your business listings and all the content on these platforms are SEO optimized.

Why should you hire DML as your SEO partner?

We care for you, focus on the flow of conversion and optimize to set an exemplary user experience model.
  • We have training, knowledge and experience specific to the field of SEO.
  • We do not second-guess SEO tactic – we know what we are doing and execute them with precision.
  • SEO takes time and a lot of research, and as professionals, we take the burden off your hands.
  • Professional service will give you value for money and carry out optimized usage of your resources, however limited.
  • You have a much better chance of overtaking the competition with professional SEO assistance.
SEO Partner
SEO Company Kolkata, India

What SEO Services do we offer?

With a coherent combination of all the SEO services provided by DML, we make a committed effort to push your brand name through the encroached online space.

Here are the practices that make DML perfect:
Keyword Research

Every successful SEO campaign begins with accurate keyword research and then infusing the in the content later. We run an in-depth and exhaustive keyword research relevant to your business, gathering insight into the queries and concerns of your audience base.

Content Update

Old and obsolete content is the utmost enemy of a brand’s image. It has to be maintained over all platforms, and kept fresh and crisp for the sake of your company. We create new content infused with the keywords that comes up in the research, and replace the stale content with the new one on a regular basis.

Link Building

Links leading to your website is a time-tested white hat SEO method that never fails. We track all your online contents and imbue permalinks whenever applicable. Backlinks from other well-known domains and blogs are also very advantageous to build reputation for your site, which we create for you as guest posts.

Improve Social Media Presence

An extensive and relevant social media presence is automatically deduced by search engines like Google as significant and show your pages higher up in the results. So a good social media presence is not only important to stay relevant, but to draw traffic as well.

At DML we have a holistic approach to SEO and for the matter of fact to everything we undertake to deliver.  It is not just volumes of backlinks or vanity metrics we keep brooding over but it is more about uplifting the brand and creating measurable impact on business, what we contemplate on.

The SEO strategy DML adopts often constitutes a part of a fully integrated digital marketing strategy. The effort thus set the benchmarks to measure success. We extend equal attention to global brands and the basics of local SEO marketing.

Our team boasts chosen talents across disciplines to cover everything you need. We would be happy to help you uncover the fixes to have a jolt in your rankings.

Let’s work together and attain the BUMP in your rank!

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