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SEO in 2018? Focus on the following factors

November 17, 2017
SEO trends in 2018

Standing at the fourth quarter of 2017, now is the time to think, assess and determine what to expect from SEO in the year 2018. As the premier digital marketing company in Kolkata, we recommend to chart out your digital destination and have a clear plan in place to stay ahead in the league

Keep an eye on the following factors when planning your digital initiatives in 2018

Digital assistants & Google voice search – There is hardly any denying; Google has changed the way we process information or communicate. The rise of digital assistants has ushered in a new era which has changed the way search queries are performed. According to Google, 1 out of 5 searches nowadays come from the voice queries. This has changed the search market and we are expecting to witness even a shift towards voice search in the coming year. The proliferation of voice search has also ushered in the rise of long-tail search keywords and a natural language that matches the user’s conversational tone.

It is also pertinent mentioning here; voice search will grow even further with the rise in the wearable and hand-held devices to help enterprises in accessing new data and in enabling users in enjoying a seamless experience through the digital devices.

With the digital assistants going beyond the smartphone devices now there is an enormous opportunity for both content and SEO in taking the advantage of the ever-growing market in connecting the brand with the user in a relevant & useful manner.

The ones still raising their eyebrows in anticipation of link building and its significance – relax! Link building will not fade away and dissolve in 2018 on the contrary link building will be gaining more importance. However just building the links won’t be able to take you to your digital destination because a crystal clear strategy needs to be in place to seek out quality links.  Simply put; there’s absolutely no need to aim for new links if the link fails in adding value in building an authority within your target niche.

Okay here’s the catch line – Don’t think that only the most popular sites will be offering you the best back links, rather in 2018, it would be more important to look for backlinks that are relevant to your business niche. This doesn’t always mean that the best backlinks come from the most popular sites, but it’s still crucial to seek coverage from sites that are relevant to your industry. Consider link building as a long-term process.

A successful digital strategy in 2018 will largely depend on how successfully you build the relationship; develop contacts and links that benefit your business. This brings out the requirement for a rather diversified link building strategy.

User experience –  Get your fact aligned; user experience in SEO will become more important than ever. Only a good user experience can increase the visitor engagement.  This also helps the search engines in discovering the pages that are relevant to the end users. Moreover, as consumers are consuming content more from their handheld devices, there is now an enormous need to provide an excellent user experience across all devices.

As SEO gears up towards providing a rather personalized and relevant experience, UX will remain as the key element in maintaining the search traffic while creating an engaged audience.

Site speed and readability –  Yes, 2018 will call for a much-focused look at monitoring the site’s speed, its navigation and its overall readability in improving your digital strategy. In fact, a closer look at the visitor’s browsing habits can also offer you some helpful insights in planning your digital roadmap. For instance; if the direct visits from search last less than 30 seconds then this clearly reveals that there is some element in the site which is probably hurting the site’s conversion ratio.

Mobile first approach:  2018 will be all about mobile searches and brands should provide only the best possible results for every question.  It is pretty obvious that mobile users will be seeking for more content while they are on the go. This also means, brands will be facing a big opportunity of marketing their business locally.

Rise in the visual search – As the internet becomes more visually focused, there is now a broader opportunity for exploring the power of visual search. An SEO roadmap in 2018, therefore, needs to consider the styles and patterns of how we consume visual content.

AI and machine learning –  Let’s face the fact; AI and machine learning have been altering the way search results are ranked. Machine learning can also change the way search take place thus helping users in finding more relevant and contextual results.

The bottom-line

2018 will usher in the need for companies to learn about the nitty-gritty of search intent and how they can optimize their content in the SERPs.  Keep up with the latest trends and explore how your brand can maintain a successful SEO strategy!

As the leading digital branding agency  in Kolkata, we strictly follow the Google and Bing Webmaster Guidelines and also stick to strict white hat link building technique

Good luck!