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Social Media Marketing

Seamless, Customized, Relevant, Data Driven And Measurable Social Media Marketing Help In Keeping Your Sales Pipeline Full!

Take it in writing; just a sleek website will not be able to assure you the space that you might be looking for in the World Wide Web. As things stand now the success of your business to a great extent depends on two main factors – Communication and Interaction. This is where the concept of social media marketing comes in.

How Social Media Marketing Affects Your Business?

Here’s Our video with more than 1 million views on how social media impacts your business

Marketing landscape has changed. With the bigwigs such as The twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Google plus, ruling the online world the whole concept of online marketing has gained a whole new facet altogether. Social media campaigns are content rich and rigorous hence stands as the cutting-edge technology in crafting your brand identity online. We have designed our state of the art Social Media services to keep you in control of your business, services, products and business messages all across the various social networks.

At DML, our social media management service is based on each business’ unique needs, challenges and goals. This means; there is hardly any one size all formula as we rely on measurable, scalable, social media service that focus on your business orientation, needs, objective and niche.

So, why do you need social media management service?

There is no one line answer to this. So let’s take it point wise. You need to manage your social media and networks professionally because

Your clients are there: Your customers are there on social channels. Irrespective of the size of your business or your industry niche, it is significant that you connect and engage with them.

People are searching for the type of services/products that you offer: If you are offering a product or service then also stay rest assured that there are takers. You can bet that people are talking about the type of products and services, which you offer. An effective social media strategy will help you in connecting with them and in generating new leads online.

Business deserves strategic social media management service: Social media is science, arts and commerce of business communication. A strategy needs to be in place to help you reach your marketing goals and in reaching optimal customer base.

Advantages of our Social Media Management Services


To put simply; our social media management services will help you grow your brand’s presence online. We have the industry knowledge, an innovative team and the right amount of experience to help your brand establish trust.

We help build relationships with your past, present and potential buyers. Our social media services drive leads, sales and traffic.

We take pride in offering services that are exclusively designed to suit the unique challenges and objectives of your social media presence.

Our Social Media Marketing experts provide a holistic care for your social web presence and drive visitors to the site with these proven approaches.

Competitive Analysis: We undertake 360 degree analysis of your website to pin down on what is it that’s making your competition “a hit” in the industry and how we can help you to be a forerunner.

We create a customizable social strategy: At DML. We create a social strategy for your business based upon your business objectives and end goals.

Better brand management: Your brand is important and we value this to the core. We find and secure the appropriate profiles across all the social channels.

We develop the social tone, voice and nature for your business: There is no thumb rule when it comes to creating a social presence and augmenting it. In fact; the ways businesses use social media may differ hugely. We analyze your business goal, your customer’s interest and your competition to find the right tone and style for you.

We monitor the social channels: We literally comb the social channels to ensure who is talking about your business, what they are saying, what they are looking for and more. This ensures, you remain ahead of all conversation and competition.

Reporting & Analysis: Social media marketing is of no use without measurable data. Our social media analysis and reporting thus helps in identifying and informing the activities in all across the marketing channels.

Social Media Audit: This involves an in-depth analysis of your business brand across social media networks and provides you practical solutions for niche opportunities.

Community Building & Monitoring: Interaction and communication are 2 crucial elements for your brand awareness. We spot out those communities that are worthy for your business and proactively monitor them to build lifelong brand advocates.

Interactive Plans & Strategies: This approach considers your website’s suitability for interactive widget campaign. We recognize the need and chances of widget’s success for your website.

Social media Ads: Of course; social media ads has the immense potential in generating interest in new products and in improving your online presence. We do it through Facebook & LinkedIn Ads, promoted Twitter accounts, sponsored YouTube etc.

Our discussions offer you the maximum brand coverage: Our team of innovative designers and creative writers will create reactive updates which can sparks conversation. We provide you with the maximum brand coverage.

We offer Cross Channel Promotion: Based on the analysis , insights and data we ensure that the social messages fit all the marketing channels, render a coherent presence, make you recognizable and finally reach your audience.

Talk to us for bespoke social media management strategy and services, tailored as per your current situation and objectives.

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