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Social Media Marketing Company in Kolkata

The long-standing pillar of digital marketing, social media is a pivotal part of services offered by Digital Marketing Lab (#DML). It is the indispensable stepping stone in building your brand awareness online, forging customer relationships and generates leads.

When you are asked that what you’re actually doing on social front, that’s a challenging question no doubt! Social media lies at the heart of the digital era and if you can harness it well then you can really make it work to your advantage only the right tactics to do so must be mastered. DML offers you with the essential insight to achieve success quotient. We help you in establishing rapport; create round-the-clock engagement, and one-to-one conversations.

Social Media Marketing Services Kolkata, India

Our Social Media Marketing services to help your brand converse with the audience


If you are looking for a solid strategy to execute your social media campaign and reach to a wider audience, DML helps you do that from scratch. We will listen to your ideas and give them the shape most convenient to become a popular trend on social media circuits.

Brand Management

DML caters to the maintenance and management of your brand name across all platforms and profiles. Whether your social media approach is doing any good for your branding, whether all your posts and updates are pushing the traffic positively, whether you are using the business tools provided by each platform to their optimum level – we keep a note of all these and help you fix every minor or major glitch and make your entire social media presence many times better.

Content Creation

Social Media content seeks special attention. The images, videos and captions on social media have a very different readership than web content or blog posts. It carries a different tone and nature, since a person scrolling through their social media profiles would have a very different expectation from a content they see than a person who is specifically searching something on the browser.

Staying relevant

Relevancy is key when it comes to social media. Conversations reach their peak and fall down the slope all within a very little stretch. Trends change, and people’s attention shifts. Our team of skilled social media marketers identify the relevant trends, create the relatable content and infuse the right keywords and hashtags so that your post shows up no matter the current topic.

Follow-up and Monitoring

Do not think that the moment we upload your content on social media, our relationship is over. We extend our services to following up on each of your social media footprint and track everything that is happening around you. If you are in the conversation somewhere, be it positive or negative, DML unearth that for you to keep you ahead of the curve.

Social Media Pay Per Click (PPC)

Almost all of the social media platforms have their own PPC services to give your business the necessary boost. These sponsored social media advertisements push your brand ahead of others in terms of visibility and we take care of that for you as well.

At DML we brag a multidisciplinary, agile, and creative team who identify the trends from the collection of data and fine-tune the tactics. Our approach is iterative and that signifies that every campaign at DML informs the next as we believe in learning from data when it comes to setting marketing strategies. So, if you want to quantify, interpret the social media metrics well and start a dialogue between your brand and the customers, then you must choose us!

Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Marketing:

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is an innovative form of internet marketing. It primarily involves content creation & sharing the content on numerous social media platforms and thereby achieving your marketing & branding objectives. At the same time, you can drive in more & more traffic for your business and reach up to your target audience with ease.

The process & tools required

The entire process is an assimilation of a whole lot of activities like text posting along with image updates and video posting. If required you can post other contents which are not only engaging but compelling to lure audiences.

To be honest there are a plethora of social media tools that can ideally help a business to generate maximum leads and traffic for a respective business. We have formulated a few tips and guidelines that will allow you to get a transparent approach to what social media marketing is and how it can be implemented.

Creating a Positive Strategy

Before you, the go-ahead for the creation of social media marketing campaigns all you need to do is consider your business goals. Having a key strategy in mind is very essential. You need to create a plan on what you are hoping to target through social media and who are the relevant target audiences. Be very much sure and accurate with the message you want to unleash through social media marketing.

The approach for every business differs

For instance, e-commerce or travel business requires visual content and customers get lured through the visual appeal. You can derive in a lot of positive value if you are having a strong presence on Instagram & Pinterest.

A typical B2B organisation will gain more advantage through Twitter & LinkedIn. Through Social marketing media marketing, you can achieve numerous benefits like increasing web traffic along with conversion building and raising awareness about the particular brand and service. One can also create the brand identity and it improves and improvises communication and interaction with targeted audiences.

If you think your business needs an effective and agile social media strategy, you can always get in touch with us. We being a fully accredited and licensed company are ready to help you out. As a professional social media marketing agency, we will help you with the latest strategies and make your business reach impending height.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Browsing on social media has now become a part and parcel of daily activities and the key advantages of social media are indeed astounding. It has made a powerful impact on business activities and individuals using it are indeed reaping the advantages.

As per reports and statistics gathered from Social Media Examiner near about 96% of marketers are participating in social media marketing. Out of this 96 % of individuals, 85% are not very aware and sure about the tools they need to use. We being a professional social media marketing service in India will help you out by examining the key advantages. We will help you to know how social media is capable of making your business get a wider reach.

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness

If you are going by the total cost being incurred you will come to know that social media marketing is one of the costs effective digital marketing strategies. It ideally syndicates content and increases brand awareness and visibility. Through social media strategy, you can increase brand recognition as you will be engaged with a gamut of audience.

Firstly you need to create social media profiles and commence interacting with several individuals. Through these interactions, you can drive in business partners along with sponsors to like & share your page. Simply by interacting with the content you have will make your brand reach to numerous individual.

By investing just a few hours in a week 91% of the marketers have claimed their efficient business turnover. There is no doubt that through a simple social media page your brand will reach leviathan heights. If you are using it regularly, you can drive in the uncountable audience and that too in a quick period.

  1. Driving Inbound Traffic

If you are not marketing your business in social media platforms your inbound traffic is limited to the general customers. The individuals familiar with your brand are in all probability searching for the same keywords that are already ranking in the search engine. Without making proper use of Social Media platform you will have to face maximum difficulty to drive in potential customers apart from your geographic location.

With social media, you will no longer have to remain stranded in your location. Every social media profile you add as a marketing tool will be an innovative gateway for your website. Every piece of content you post is an opportunity created to grab hold of potential customers. Through social media marketing, you can predominantly create wider channels and reach to versatile customers all across the globe.

  1. Brand Loyalty gets improved drastically

Social media allows the brand to get an opportunity to join the conversation and immediately engage with their customers. If executed seamlessly these interactions will be a great platform to build brand loyalty. Social media is a tailored platform to win over trust in a much quicker and simplified manner.

  1. Getting an insight into the customers

As a business proceeds to interact with a particular customer, there are high possibilities of getting an insight into the about the needs and preferences of a particular individual. The data is generated through the interaction will help you to frame your business policies and approach in a streamlined manner. These feedbacks are tailored to help you in making contents more compelling and the advertising and messaging can be sharper and more proactive than ever before.

  1. Lead generation & sales

Social media can be defined as an effective tool for lead generation. By conglomerating organic protocols and paid campaigns social marketers can extend the reach and get a grab of more and more leads. The B2B sales team can make use of social listing and other market research approaches to convert the leads into sales.

How do I start social media marketing?

Are you all in readiness to grow your business or make your business reach an impending height? If it is so getting ready to advertise your brand through SMM Service (Social Media Marketing campaign). You need to start well and start with confidence. But from where shall I begin? Remember as you take the baby steps it can be overwhelming.

There are numerous sites along with platforms and the numbers of users are not less. What would be the overall goals for marketing your brand? We are sure these typical questions are already playing in your mind. We will try & explain the possibilities that are waiting for you.

  1. Commencing With Basic Objective For Using Social Media Platform

Before you finally get ready to invest in social media, just ask yourself about why you need performing such activities and what are you hoping to gain? Are you hoping to increase sales or improve on customer relationship? Or is it only about increasing the visibility of your brand? These are the key questions you need to address before you go ahead and begin with your campaign.

  1. Be Selective And Start In A Miniature Manner

There are multitudes of social media platform like Facebook along with Twitter & LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you are anxious and have the ambition to drive positive results in a quick period you might use all of them.

But the real fact is you cannot try & create your social presence all these social platforms overnight. You need to start small and be selective. Choose one of two sites and begin gradually. Once you have sufficient bucks and time begin to scale your efforts and social footprint.

  1. Knowing Who The Target Audience Are

As you are developing your social strategy, you need to choose your site and content strategy. Take your site choice for instances. If you are trying to cater to numerous you will surely devote more time on YouTube and Instagram and Snapchat. If you are targeting womenfolk’s who are keen on cosmetics and apparels then Pinterest works for you.

Facebook is for targeting the broader audience. Now and then digital marketing and social media marketers are hurled with a common question, which social site is better? The answer is, it depends on the type of business you are carrying out. Just make sure of researching about the targeted audience before concluding.

  1. Creating A Social Media Team

Once you become ready to execute your social media needs, you need to have a resource to execute plans into action. As your social presence commence to scale up, it would be onerous for you to manage all the pages. To do things seamlessly, get in touch with a professional or professionals.

These professionals will take up the onus of scaling things in the correct direction. They will take up the challenges of doing the postings and interacting with customers and driving in more sales. Rope in a writer who can create eye-catching and compelling business-driven write-ups. A team of graphic designers and video editors will take up the responsibility of looking after the multimedia analysis and postings.

  1. Be authentic and it should hit the right chords

Remember you are posting online and individuals won’t be turning to a brand whose social presence sounds very rigid and corporate. Be very proactive and turn very personal and show up the human side. Be pleasant & kind enough to develop a personality. If you are doing such activities, individuals are bound to appreciate it and come back to you over & over again.

We have tried & explained five basic areas, though numerous other areas could have been brought into this discussion, we thought of letting you know the basics. Just go ahead and create your social presence with compelling content and be ready to witness the difference of positivity in a quick period.

What Social Media Marketing is best?

Social media platform have quickly become an important part of marketing for a particular business. But with numerous social media platform have you ever thought which platform is better for you? You must have heard about the popular platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and so on.

It is not possible to point out a single platform and define it as one of the best in the business. Rather it would only be correct to opine that each business requires a different platform. By researching your target audience and the ultimate goal you need to select your social media platform. Once you decide your platform you can track your progress with ease.

To be honest there are numerous tools on Social Media Marketing Management that will allow you to measure the success of your social media marketing efforts. Some individuals think if they can implement social media and email marketing together. Will it bring more advantage?

The answer is yes and social media marketing incorporated with e-mail marketing can bring about halcyon days. Here we will also help you with some common social media platform which you can use. Read it on and learn about those innovative social platforms.

  1. Facebook-

There is no surprise that Facebook tops the chart on our list. With 2.41 billion daily users Facebook is one of the most widely used social platforms. Whether your ultimate goal is brand awareness or website traffic, lead generation

Facebook can do wonders for you. This platform will make a notable difference in making you reach your goals if used properly and systematically. Through Facebook, you can target your audience through age along with gender and employment interest, purchasing behaviour and so on.

  1. Instagram-

Instagram is quite popular and has already made a buzz as performing social media platform. It has successfully generated good numbers. It has the same paid advantages as Facebook and the platform is owned by Facebook also.

Instagram has its organic advantages and this makes the platform a great option for business with or without even having a business budget. It is also a visual platform as you can only put up only images and videos.

  1. Pinterest-

Pinterest has nearly 291 million active users and out it, 81% are female folks. This is one unique platform that can work didactically if your business is related to apparels, foods. If you are a wedding planner or lifestyle business owner the platform will bring in ROI for you. At the same time, the platform to has some organic capacities and the organic reach can be determined by the number of Keywords being applied.

  1. YouTube

It is a video platform and it allows users to watch the video and upload them with ease. The platform has more than 2 billion monthly active users. It allows a business to create a chance and Share Company’s content with more than 30 million daily active users. Here again, audiences get the opportunity to witness visual content, but it owned by Google. Being a part of Google, YouTube has access to Google’s advertising platform.

  1. LinkedIn

If your business follows a B2B model or target customers based on preferable titles, then the only platform that works for you would be LinkedIn. It has nearly 303 million monthly users and most of this are in professional sectors. Here individuals do post more accurate information about the employees, employers, job position & so on.

There are many more platforms and we extensively work on that entire platform. If you are interested in going for social media marketing, let us know. We are probably one of the best SMO services in India, and we are ready to help you out as and when required.

How much does it cost for social media marketing?

Social Media is one such platform that is gaining popularity and these are enormously efficient for carrying out marketing in the digital platform. Through social media one can remain assured that you will get connected to a plethora of individuals. As an entrepreneur, you extend the bond of amity and get an insight into your customer’s preferences. The platform ensures you to gain confidence of the customers and you can convince them to procure your products.

Factors on Which the Cost Depends

With social media marketing, individuals are very much concerned with the cost. To be very specific, its overall cost depends on numerous factors. It depends on the knowledge of the particular employees you are executing the task for you. There are numerous plans that you can choose from and the pricing for each plan differs from the other.

Finally, the pricing also depends on the social network that you want to use. On average a company can spend almost around $4000 till $7000 for social media management. The pricing generally depends on the monthly ad being spent along with traditional marketing along with advertising strategy.

What We Are Offering You

Our company offers quite a few social media procedures and they customise the strategy and ensure that you drive maximum returns on investment. Let us have a look at the price you will have to pay.

Remember signing for social media platform does not require any price. Any individual is free to create a business account. It can either be done through Facebook & Twitter. However, monitoring of social media is not very rapid rather it is time-consuming.

We offer plans for the top social networking sites like Facebook along with Twitter & LinkedIn. It is to be noted that our tailored plans are a portion of what it would cost to recruit a professional and dedicated social media manager.

Hiring a dedicated manager makes the task seamless

As you hire a dedicated professional from a social media marketing agency you will receive a completely maintained campaign. Our professionals will not only help you to create effective only presence but also ensures that the platform is monitored promptly.

  • Facebook-

Opening an account on Facebook is free, but as you get ready towards paid advertising you can optimise your advertisement to achieve a particular goal. The respective goal includes “likes” in page along with clicks in the website and website conversions, installing apps and so on.

Facebook will offer you an alternative for the supervision of your ad costs. For instance, one can always go ahead & ask Facebook for allowing optimal conversion at the desired price. You can set a budget for the campaigns. Furthermore, you can choose between CPM & CPC model.

With CPM model you can go ahead and pay for 1000 views for the ad. In simple words every time 1000 Facebook users witness the particular ad, you need to pay a particular amount. You need to pay even if they are not clicking on the particular ad. On the other way round the Cost per Click (CPC) model will allow you to pay only when individual click your ads.

Facebook Likes

While creating ads on Facebook, numerous businesses are more in favour of earning more likes. Buffer is an organisation that allows the company to manage the social account and through Buffer Facebook can determine the cost of Facebook likes. Buffer found that they are paying an average of $0.57 for each like. If you are looking ahead to boost you are following up in FB pages without spending maximum, this is a great option for getting connected with users.

Boos up Posts

It is to be noted that Facebook allows you to boost the existing posts and allow your post to reach up to maximum users. It is based on targeting the options that you are choosing. The ultimate costs for Facebook post depend on the target audience as well as the number of individuals you are trying to reach. Facebook makes use of a CPM model to charge for boosted posts. At an average, you can expect near about 100 views for boosted posts.

Professional Facebook Management-

Social media services for Facebook generally range around $450 to $ 1600 or more in a solitary month. If you are interested in social media marketing the average cost would be $900 to $1600. In comparison, Facebook advertising ranges from around $450 to $850 or more than that in a solitary month, with an ad spend at least $200.

  • Twitter

Similar to Facebook, it is completely free to set up a business account on Twitter. But if you are in want to reach out to more individuals you do have the option to pay for Twitter ads. Let us have a look at the few key options available with Twitter.

Promoted Tweets

To manage all your tweets get catered to more & more people you can go ahead to choose and promote them. As you promote your tweets they will show up as “promoted” in the user’s timeline. The promoted tweets operate on a bidding system and will pay based on the engagement they earn for the respective business like clicks and replies.

Promoted Trends & Promoted Accounts

If you are looking to promote your brand you are driving in more and more followers and this is indeed a greater option. Instead of waiting and placing bids on the engagement, you will enter a bid based on how much you are willing to pay for each new follower. This particular amount depends on the set targets but you can expect to pay around $2.50% – $4 per follower.

Professional Twitter Management

Social media management for twitter will cost almost around $450 to $1600 in a single month. If you are focusing on social media marketing expect a monthly price range of $900-$1600. For social media advertising, budget for a monthly ad spends $ 200 and a management cost of $450 to $850 per month.

  • LinkedIn

Like Facebook & Twitter, it consists of nothing to open a profile. However, you have several paid options to help you to boost your connection and add to brand consciousness.

LinkedIn Ads

With LinkedIn, sidebar ads can be created and you can create near about 15 LinkedIn ads each including 25 character headline and it also consists of 75 character description. The ads allow you to target your ads which are based on the company size of the user, industry, and name, title of the job, category and so on. LinkedIn has an option like CPC and CPM. With the CPC model, you pay every time someone clicks the ad while the minimum bid is $2.

LinkedIn recommends you to bid at least till $5.55- $9.33. You can set forth a daily budget of at least $10 and let your ad run for some time. For the CPM model, the bid is around $2 but LinkedIn suggests you a bid of around $2.85-$4.62.

Sponsor Update

If you choose CPC option you again will have to pay a minimum bid of $2.50 but LinkedIn suggests you a particular bid of around $5.67-$10.09. You at least need to have a daily budget of at least $10 for sponsored updates.

The standard [rice for LinkedIn will be around $450 and it can go up to $850. In maximum cases, the price is around $200 in a solitary month. For LinkedIn advertising campaign you can expect to pay at least around $900 in a month.

Instagram & Pinterest

Price of Social media service for Instagram ranges in price. Professional management for Instagram can be somewhere around $450 to $850 in a single month. The monthly add is same as LinkedIn and is $200. In comparison, the price for social media marketing ranges from around $900-$1600 in a single month. It is also the same in the case of Pinterest.

What type of marketing is social media?

It is nothing but an innovative form of internet marketing that generally involves creating and sharing of contents on varied social media network. It is being done to achieve marketing goals and branding needs. As per the norms, social media marketing is all about posting text and updating image and videos which will have the tenacity to drive audience engagement along with paid social media advertising.

Before you commence to create social media marketing campaigns, you will first have to consider the business goals. If things are formulated uniquely you are sure to drive in more and more business. Before you plunge in to get the best plan all you need to do is carry out research and development on your target audience.

Next, you need to know what you want to achieve through social media marketing and finally the message you need to convey to your audience. If all the aforementioned details are curated perfectly you are sure to drive in more & more traffic. With numerous, social media marketing companies in town you can get in touch with them. They will take up the onus of curating your plans into action.

What are social media strategies?

Social Media strategy is nothing but a complete blueprint that would be ready to answer the what, when, why and how for all typical contents you post on your business page. Remember social media strategy is not about posting images randomly on social sites. It is a perfect plan assimilated with lots of ideas aimed to achieve a particular goal.

Remember this particular strategy is got to be your key ingredients for social media marketing. We have already discussed in the aforementioned details about the approaches and we would like to let you know first you need to know how the target audience is.

Secondly, you need to clear understanding of the contents that you are about to share and through which platforms you are about to reach your target audience. You can measure the performance with a special social media analytics tool. You need to understand the behaviour of the customers and strengthen the strategy as you go along.

To be more transparent a social media strategy makes a marketing effort purposeful. It does not matter if you are creating a new content or writing caption, the strategy is the key. A well planned social media strategy will guide you in an accurate direction.

Remember at times tweaking your strategy is important and need to be updated with the latest trend and buzz. Creating a social media strategy right from the beginning allows you a better marketing campaign and strong foundation that allows your business to gain a major boost. If you are in favour of such strategies you can get in touch with us. Our SMO services in India have already proven its worth & hopefully it can do wonders for you.

Is it cheaper to advertise on social media?

Off late with all the major algorithms getting changed, it is becoming an onerous task when it comes to growing up organically especially in Social media. The effective way to advertise on social media cost-effectively is through FB. Things can also work with Instagram depending on the target audience you are looking for.

As you get to know the target audience you can choose your platform the price would be denoted. If your task is only with cheap links and clicks then snap Chat would work ideally. These ads will add value for the some you are spending.

Going by the trend CPM’s and link clicks are quite affordable. Here we would like to add that snap chat is not the ideal platform for all. If you are only targeting the young and engaged audience then you need to check out another platform.

Facebook is cost-effective Social Media marketing management but it depends on the desired goal. With optimised pixel & high-quality adverts, you can avail low costs through every solitary lead on Facebook. If you are ready to post video and stories then Facebook can be an affordable option.

Which social media marketing is safest?

Since you will have login details and password with you, there is no chance of being in the unsecured zone. Digital analyst opines it is better not to share the login details and password with any unknown person. If any trained professional is working on your pages, make sure to change the password after he leaves the job for you. Through our SMM service you can remain rest assured that while our term is over, you will get back all your credentials.

Why is social media important?

If you own a small or midsized organisation, then the only way to reach out to a large scale of potential customers is through digital advertisement. Firstly having a website is very important, but is it all that you are looking? Until and unless you are optimising the website it is of no use. You need to curate a proper digital marketing plan to increase the lead and make it gain a formidable position in the search engine.

Apart from optimising the website, you need to make your social pages get a wider reach. Social Media is the latest buzz and every age group nowadays are a social media fanatic. If you can formulate a qualitative policy through Social Media optimisation services and can know about your target audience you can reach out to them in a quick period.

You can extend a positive bond of amity with interested customers and get to know about their needs and preferences. Social media also allows you to gather as much data as you want. Be it the behaviour or the taste all can be gathered with ease. The power of social media is immense and you indeed witness the difference of positivity if you use it to full effect.