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Social Media Marketing

The long-standing pillar of digital marketing, social media is a pivotal part of services offered by Digital Marketing Lab (#DML). It is the indispensable stepping stone in building your brand awareness online, forging customer relationships and generates leads.

When you are asked that what you’re actually doing on social front, that’s a challenging question no doubt! Social media lies at the heart of the digital era and if you can harness it well then you can really make it work to your advantage only the right tactics to do so must be mastered. DML offers you with the essential insight to achieve success quotient. We help you in establishing rapport; create round-the-clock engagement, and one-to-one conversations.

Social Media Marketing Services Kolkata, India

Our Social Media Marketing services to help your brand converse with the audience


If you are looking for a solid strategy to execute your social media campaign and reach to a wider audience, DML helps you do that from scratch. We will listen to your ideas and give them the shape most convenient to become a popular trend on social media circuits.

Brand Management

DML caters to the maintenance and management of your brand name across all platforms and profiles. Whether your social media approach is doing any good for your branding, whether all your posts and updates are pushing the traffic positively, whether you are using the business tools provided by each platform to their optimum level – we keep a note of all these and help you fix every minor or major glitch and make your entire social media presence many times better.

Content Creation

Social Media content seeks special attention. The images, videos and captions on social media have a very different readership than web content or blog posts. It carries a different tone and nature, since a person scrolling through their social media profiles would have a very different expectation from a content they see than a person who is specifically searching something on the browser.

Staying relevant

Relevancy is key when it comes to social media. Conversations reach their peak and fall down the slope all within a very little stretch. Trends change, and people’s attention shifts. Our team of skilled social media marketers identify the relevant trends, create the relatable content and infuse the right keywords and hashtags so that your post shows up no matter the current topic.

Follow-up and Monitoring

Do not think that the moment we upload your content on social media, our relationship is over. We extend our services to following up on each of your social media footprint and track everything that is happening around you. If you are in the conversation somewhere, be it positive or negative, DML unearth that for you to keep you ahead of the curve.

Social Media Pay Per Click (PPC)

Almost all of the social media platforms have their own PPC services to give your business the necessary boost. These sponsored social media advertisements push your brand ahead of others in terms of visibility and we take care of that for you as well.

At DML we brag a multidisciplinary, agile, and creative team who identify the trends from the collection of data and fine-tune the tactics. Our approach is iterative and that signifies that every campaign at DML informs the next as we believe in learning from data when it comes to setting marketing strategies. So, if you want to quantify, interpret the social media metrics well and start a dialogue between your brand and the customers, then you must choose us!

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