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B2B Integration Services

You must be aware that keeping documentation of data on papers is a thing of the past. Electronic transactions have taken over  files of paperwork.DML understands that a substantial revenue growth is understandable through tracking the database for perfect knowledge of business performance. We at DML will enhance your business developement through B2B Integration service that would make your business transaction easy.

Through this service DML will ensure that the data for your business is available immediately for both external and internal transaction. Your business needs accuracy and DML will provide that for you via the electronic transfer of data that disposes any shortcoming.

Impact of B2B Integration

  • DML will improve the distributor coordination and improve manufacturing for boost in business.
  • Eliminates extra time for promoting product
  • Keeps account for the product
  • Polished coordination quality for outsourcing data
  • DML would improve the inventory management condition
  • Order Management technique will be improved
  • Logistic providers will be well integrated