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digital marketing services in Kolkata

Who Are We?

Digital Marketing Lab (DML). is a premier brochure designing company in India that aims to provide quality service at affordable prices. For every small and large business, we look to create the perfect brochure customized to our client’s needs. Our team of experts brings to the table a perfect balance of creativity, innovation, and diligence to give you the best results.

While there is no shortage of brochure designers in India, DML. is unique with its precision and eye for detail. For us, understanding your need and adapting our services to give rise to a one-of-a-kind brochure design is our motto.

Our Service.

The following are the designing services we provide:






Logo Design




As for our brochure designing, we are proud to bring to you the best brochure design service in Kolkata and we offer the following variants of brochure printing:






Sales Sheets

Sales Sheets/ Flyers/ Inserts

Why Should You Choose Us?

So the obvious question why should you choose us over the hundreds of other brochure design services in India? Apart from our strong foothold in the designing sector, we also lend immense importance to solving every brochure design problem that comes your way as if it were our own.
Let’s first take a look at a few problems that you might face during the designing of your brochures:

Gap between purpose and end-result:

Even the most reputed brochure designing services may, at times, fail to grasp the roots and ideals of your business. This leads to a gap in the company’s purpose for needing the brochure and the ultimate design. To avoid this, DML believes in conducting thorough research before undertaking any project, having several meetings with the clients and understanding their needs clearly.

Improper design:

Brochure designing is anything but child’s play. To get the correct brochure, you must choose the right number of folds; choose the correct color, layout, font, the proper paper quality and the right amount of information to be printed. We take extreme care in customizing our products as per the needs of every client.

Copy review:

Nothing creates a worse impression on prospective clients than misprints on your brochures. As a result, DML makes it a priority to review the copy of your desired content multiple times to avoid any errors.


1. What is the difference between Brochure and Leaflet?

Although the terms ‘brochure’ and ‘leaflet’ are often used interchangeably, their primary objective is vastly different. Brochures are used only for the promotion of companies, their services, and products and services. On the other hand, leaflets are often used for informing and educating the masses about pertinent issues.

2. Who are the best brochure designer services company in Kolkata?

A simple Google search would give you an extensive list of every brochure design company in Kolkata. We at DML are leaders in the brochure designing field. We aim to understand your needs and innovate to best suit your interests.

3. What are the features of a brochure?

A well-constructed brochure should dynamically introduce your company, informs the client about your services and products, persuade them to be a part of your venture, be complete in the information they contain, and should be consistent in terms of presentation.

4. What types of unique brochures are used for advertisements?

Usually, a brochure for the advertisement of a company may be bi-fold, tri-fold, quad-fold or in the form of inserts/ flyers/ sales sheets.

5. What is a tri-fold brochure?

A tri-fold brochure has three divisions for your brochure. It helps in better segmentation and presentation of your company details, thereby keeping the customer better engaged.

6. How do I design an attractive brochure?

Choosing the proper brochure type and size, wording the information properly and selecting the correct color and font combination are extremely important to design an attractive brochure. Sounds a little overwhelming? DML is here to help!

7. Where do I get an inspiring brochure for my business?

Inspiration for designing the perfect brochure usually comes from introspecting into your own business. Understanding the culture of the organization, the services and products, and the kind of long-term image the company wishes to establish is extremely essential to design the perfect fit.

8. How do I design a tri-fold brochure to promote my business?

It is always advisable to place your trust in seasoned professionals like DML is the one stop shop  for all your brochure designing needs. Tri-fold brochures are very popular among all sorts of businesses and require detailed designing, along with proper placement of relevant information.

9. How does a brochure help in marketing?

A well-designed brochure can help your business in more ways than one. It puts forward a good first impression of your company to the client and firmly establishes your brand identity. Apart from creating positive press, a creative and attractive brochure also helps in communicating important information about your business to prospective clients.