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Need a Logo Designer?Impressive, timeless, and indelible logo designs created from scratch

Logo designing is one of the first and foremost tasks involved in building a brand. It is an ingenious and creative approach to promulgate the reputation of the brand far and wide.

Create Your Brand Mark with our Top-Class Logo Designing Services

Think of a company and the very thing that comes up in mind is its logo. Such is the power of the logo that it gives an identity and brand value to a business organization. Digital Marketing Lab (DML) is a prominent logo design company in India creating such remarkable logos.

Hiring professional logo designing service is important because logo must represent the USP of a company. It must be inclusive of the company ethos, philosophy and culture. There should be a uniqueness which makes a business logo stand out in the crowd.

The most important aspect of company logo is that it enjoys the status of brand mark – the first thing that a customer or visitor takes notice of. This mark makes an impression – it livens up the room décor in the reception area or it looks so smart and charming on company notepads, visiting cards, brochures, pamphlets and on business websites.
Digital Branding Agency in India
Creative Branding Company in India

The Uniqueness of Logo

Logo designing seem a paltry affair for those who do not have an idea of its nuances. But for a logo designing company in India like DML, it is of utmost importance – the first step towards launch of a successful and flourishing business.

How to design a logo in a unique way? Perhaps the best answer would be to design a logo which speaks more in minimalist design and less words. Complex designs may be disengaging for audience and customers.

Logo should be designed in the smartest way possible to ensure max brand recognition in the highly competitive market. Simplicity is key to smart designing of a company logo. When a logo is relevant to a business it appeals to large customer base. More the retention value of the logo, more is the brand value of a company.

Logos that We Can Create For You

Create a stunning business logo with the best logo design company in India.There are quite many styles in logo designing; image with typography kind of logo seems to enjoy a popular appeal among business customers.

With our premium logo design services in India we can create exactly what you want. We have expertise in custom logo design services like:

• Business logo design
• Corporate logo design
• Designer logo design

At DML logo designing company, we can design any type of logos ranging from:

• Wordmarks or Logotypes
• Letter marks or Monogram logos
• Logo Symbols
• Abstract logos
• Mascot logos
• Combination Marks
• Letterforms
• Emblem logos
• Slime Logos
• Fonts inside a shape

Whatever logos we creatively design, we keep it simple and highly relatable to the business.
Digital Branding Agency in India
Creative Branding Company in India

Why Choose Digital Marketing Lab for Logo Designing Service?

We can create logo that can work wonders for you. We have an excellent team of logo designers who are graphic design specialists per excellence. More than anything else is our zeal to excel that makes us the best service provider of logo designing in India.

Here’s what makes us # 1 choice for logo design services in India are:

• Our professional custom logo design services are exclusively business-oriented.
• We have experience in designing versatile logos.
• We employ advanced technology and tools to create a unique logo for your company.
• Excellent services delivered in quick time.
• Extremely dedicated to all our work commitments.
• We employ the best work practices and ensure transparency.

We Have Always Been Inspired to Create World-Class Designs

A memorable business logo is the first point of impression that helps one to drive in customers. Some of best logos which are globally recognized are Amazon, FedEx, Twitter, and etcetera. Here’s why they have transcended from a simple artwork to a mark of brand identity in the global market.

A keen look in the FedEx logo will make you aware of the small arrowhead within the negative space between ‘E’ and ‘X’ – an apt symbol for one of the premium delivery, courier and shipping services providers.

Much in the same way the arrow that connects letters ‘A’ to ‘Z’ symbolizes that customers can get A to Z products on Amazon, the largest online marketplace.

The little bird logo of Twitter is a cute way to represent its USP – small tweet service which is the trademark identity of the largest social media network and microblogging site.

Our logo designing services in India was initiated with the intention to design best logos matching international standard and work ethics.
Digital Branding Agency in India


1. How much do you pay for your business logo?

On an average logo designing cost ranges from affordable to high-end. There’s no limit for the maximum, but it depends whether you have a sufficient budget for your unique brand mark. Charges are fixed on the basis of project requirement.

2. Why is logo design important?

Logo design is important because it gives brand identity to a business organization.  It helps to carve a niche for the company in a competitive landscape. Logo is the first point of impression and has a retention value. It is also a mark of the professionalism of a company, reflecting the ethos and work philosophy of the organization.

3. What are the different types of custom logo that can be designed?

The variety of logo design is immense – word marks to letter marks, emblems, font based, etc. Get in touch with DML to know more about logo designing services in India.

4. How can I make a good logo for my new business?

It is always better to seek professional help and hire the best graphic designers of the industry to create a logo that would have a timeless appeal.

5. Can I get a logo designed on the basis of my idea and concepts?

Yes, this is what we love and appreciate. We are service providers of custom logos. We acknowledge your design inputs and style preferences to create the final, desired product.

6. What are some logo design agencies in India?

There are several logo design agencies in India but only few can give you the most desired professional output. In that perspective DML can be considered as an esteemed logo designing company in India doing a commendable job.

7. Which is the best logo designing company in India?

The best logo design company in India is Digital Marketing Lab.

8. I need a logo design for my business, can anyone help me?

Yes, our graphic designing professionals can help you out with logo design services in India.