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Successful Video Marketing - TOP Secrets unveiled

February 6, 2018


storytelling in digital branding and digital marketing

Has it gone viral? How many likes? Did anybody comment? Isn’t it viral yet? Well; while going viral shouldn’t be the only objective of your video marketing strategy and campaign, however, the very expression ‘has it gone viral’ has almost exploded. Well; there is no one size all approach when it boils down to the idea of video marketing, however, there are a few strategic factors, which play their role in making the video successful. As the preferred digital marketing company in India, we have experienced the significance of effective strategies in successful video marketing.

Well; you don’t have to take our words for granted. Here’s our video with more than 1 million views on how social media impacts your business. Yes, the video garnered 1 million views. (yes, it went viral )

So, here is our secret to successful video marketing –

Have a story in place and center your video and that – Don’t sell. This is a strict NO NO. Its simple logic, after all, nobody wants to get sold. There are thousands of sales clutter don’t add yet another and increase the noise. Instead, stand apart in the clutter. Your video should, therefore, center around the story and not on the sale. Yes, the strategy you apply for content writing is relevant here as well. Focus on providing real-time value to your customers.  Try and appeal to your consumer’s hidden needs and desires. Scared that you may lose your leads this way? Worry not. You may always place a strategic call to action at the end of your video but ensure that your call to action befits your story!

KISS – Yes, keep it simple and SHORT – This is an important point to factor in.  Simple, short and to the point that’s what the video experts are talking about. As the leading digital marketing agency in India, we never get tired of saying, make our video short and succinct and get to the crux of your tale right from the outset. Manage expectation within the first 2 – 10 seconds of your video otherwise.

Spark your audience’s curiosity – Ask questions, use teasers. Entertain. Experiment but do everything in your power to arrest your audience’s attention. Remember; your video should convey the value as in why at all they should watch it!

Don’t bore your audience – Do not make boring videos. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Videos that are a pure sales pitch or boring remarketing piece don’t spread. Do you love to laugh right? So do your customers. So, why are you so serious when it comes to creating your brand content? Use humor because it’s good for your brand’s health

Optimize your video – As a social media marketing company in India, with happy clients, dotted all across the globe, we can tell you thousand strategies to ensure that your video is found online. However here are a few basics for you to ponder on –

Try and derive the maximum SEO Value from the video. Here’s how – before you upload your video to any social site host it on your own domain.

Enable embedding on the video. This, in turn, will help in increasing the chances of receiving inbound marketing links.

Okay, when it comes down to the point of VIDE For SEO; you simply can’t undermine the significance of descriptions. Effective, scalable, keyword rich description allows the search engine bots and crawlers to make sense of your video and understand the content. Make sure that your video is tagged with the relevant Title and Description.

Questions?  Talk to us about bespoke social media management strategy and services, tailored as per your current situation and objectives.