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Things to Avoid While Defining the Brand Promises

May 22, 2019
the Brand Promises with a Tagline

There is no dearth of successful brand taglines ranging from L’Oreal’s “Because I’m worth it,” BMW’s “The Ultimate Driving Machine” to Apple’s “Think Different.” These taglines have become synonymous to the visual representation of the brands.

The chosen phrases create an image in the minds of the people and indeed ring a bell the moment they are been perceived in any sensory form. These taglines actually denote the bran’s promises towards its patrons. That’s the reason; they should be creative, straightforward, simple, inspiring, and meaningful, all at the same time.

The brand tagline sets a tone for the company to its major stakeholders. It has multifarious functions to perform.  It must stand as an effective communication channel between the business and consumer rendering the true value of the products and services it offers. At the same time, it also plays an efficient role in delivering the commitment of the company to its customers.

The brand caption must include a feel about what the company does and why it actually does that? For instance, the caption for Nike is “Just do it-“ this short and crisp statement put forth a feel-good effect in the minds of the users and they can easily associate themselves with the company’s aspirations. Thus, a loyal customer base is created.

Hence, when a caption for a brand is in the making, you need to put ample thought and creativity in it to make it both catchy and sensible. Or else, the brand promise won’t look viable at all. The tagline must be a tell-it-all jargon comprising fewer but chosen words. One should avoid putting too many thoughts in a caption as that will leave it cluttered and fragmented. Here are a few things that need to be avoided while creating an attractive caption.

Generalized Ideation

Just get rid of the words, expressions, or phrases that tell tad too much. Always remember that every brand can represent itself in a bigger way but your brand must bear that “Different” attribute.

Self Descriptive Jargons

It should not be an “All ME” attitude depicted by the brand, rather it should talk about how it will help and support its patrons and improve their lives. It should not be the accomplishment of your business but how it can play a major role in transforming the world around.

Poetic Expressions

Be very authoritative and at the same time authentic while describing the brand promises through a tagline. It must directly hit one’s heart and brain at the same time. It must evolve thought, curiosity, and interest all at once. Never put fluff but try to choose the right word to depict the offerings of your business in a few crisp expressions, and you are ready to rule hearts.


Do away with unnecessary ornamental words as that makes the promise sound hefty.  The tagline of the business should be such that it absolutely promises what it can deliver.  It should be inspiring but at the same time realistic as well. Never ever let your customers have a deceived feel.

If you critically keep the above-mentioned points in mind while coining a masterpiece caption for your brand, it’s going to be successful for sure!