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Top 3 Content Hacks for Optimal Lead Generation | DML

September 11, 2017

How exactly will you feel to find through Google Analytics that you have received thousands of hits this week? Excited and thrilled right? No wonder! Think again, how will you realize that  out of the thousands of visitors, only a negligible number has converted? All of that thrill and excitement vanishes within a blink, right?

You ask yourself, “where am I going wrong?”

There is no one line answer to this so let us analyze the situation. Let’s now think of your website as a business premise right in the center on the open market

Let’s for one minute think of your website as a real estate agent’s office right at the center on the open market. Potential buyers will be in and out of the business premise but tell me honestly how many of them will convert?

Capture them right at your front door

Within just a fraction of second the front door of the business premise (read homepage of your website) can captivate and lead the potential buyer inside and vice versa.

We never get tired of saying; the homepage of your website is visited the most from search engines, social media platforms from the referring sites and the list simply goes on –

So, here are a few questions to ask yourself right now –

Will the visitor be able to decipher your product or the services you provide within the fraction of second?

Does the homepage of your website house testimonials?

Is the Call to Actions enough compelling?

Is there a lead collection form?

Are some of your popular blogs visible on the home page with links?

If you have answered NO to any of these questions then recheck, rethink and realign your homepage structure.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind –

Point 1: Use compelling Headlines to attract attention and to keep your readers hooked

According to the industry experts a great headline stands as the ultimate tool to attract attention and to keep your readers hooked. A great headline should include a strong verb and should include a compelling describing  word.

Here are a few compelling verbs to use in your headline
  • Increase
  • Improve
  • Boost
  • Expand
  • Revive
  • Change
  • Engage
  • Drive
Here a few compelling describing words which you may use –
  • Mind-blowing
  • Essential
  • Kickass
  • Free
  • Valuable
  • Killer
  • Simple
  • Effective
Write compelling headline

Writing a one liner such as ‘we create interest ‘, we create buzz etc won’t serve much purpose. Why? Simply because they do not provide much information about your products and services hence the reader won’t be able to get an idea about what to expect from you or how you may solve their challenges. The reader/buyer will keep on contemplating – does the company market website> make websites? Do they write content? Do they make graphics?

Point 2: Have compelling CTA in place

Display your call to actions on all the pages. Not just your home page  and contact us but also your FAQ section and terms and conditions should also include clear and compelling CTA.

Point 3: Create a powerhouse with your blog / newsletter

You can create newsletter with your blog posts, business news, informational tips & tricks and more. Keep in mind; your website should include newsletter sign-up form with clear CTAs.  You may offer an incentive for the subscribers to click the subscribe button to gain newsletter subscribers.

Now it’s your turn to build a fool proof lead generation strategy .

Good luck!