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It is often difficult for a business to maintain a visual presence consistently but on the other hand, it is an absolute necessity to stand tall as an efficient and dedicated industry leader. Digital Marketing Lab (DML) is a UI web design company in India where we strive to help a brand like yours to sustain a consistent presence digitally.

How a great design works wonder?

The Way Forward

If you look at your website as a brick-and-mortar store then it will be easier to understand the pain point. As it can be a case where people are although coming to the store but are not buying anything. In that case, the color of the paint of the store can be a reason to influence the psyche of the customers; a red paint might not be as inspiring as a blue paint to make them open their wallets.

The same way the store layout can also pose hindrance to the sales functions. There are other factors as well. For instance, if the layout is not logical enough or doesn’t offer an ease of navigation? If the best products are not displayed at the front window instead are hiding at the back? If the personnel at the cash counter is just too slow or rude enough to offend the customer? All these elements or any of them can have a detrimental effect on the futuristic goals of the business. DML is the  web design company in India having the potential to simplify the approach.

So, the first and foremost concern should be determining whether the store is adequately optimized for the customers or not? Same scenario prevails in case of websites as well, and the concept of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) come to the forefront. When the UX quotient is optimized to the utmost then only it will render a sense of satisfaction to the visitors. We offer responsive website design in India and that is indeed an effective option to choose to enhance the reach of the website.

User Experience

It is not so critical to understand what’s required to be there on the screen but the tricky part lies in laying them out. The UI experts at DML the prominent UX web design company in India, know well how to do it. Their work talks on their behalf and bears testimony to their skills and abilities. The apps we develop react absolutely perfect on cue and at the same time feel completely natural. We take our work beyond wire-frames in order to achieve the level of perfection. Once we are done with the UX part, blueprints of the apps is presented to you for approval. Isn’t the process transparent enough?

User Interface

Once the phase of wireframes and blueprints are over, the geeks at the Digital Marketing Lab start with the UI formulation. The UI gives you brand expression to showcase its vibrant identity. In other words, it attributes the brand with personality and individuality. As UI is finalized, the real-time development process is initiated. This strategized approach makes DML a reputed UI web design company in india.

How Digital Marketing Lab helps you?
  • We first create a draft of all concepts after understanding your spec.
  • Then the next process is all about choosing the best one out of all and then further exploration is undertaken
  • Then a stringent quality check is done and your approval is taken and then the actual direction is narrowed down to a single concept.
  • The next level comprises refinement at its best to make your brand perfect.

The User Experience Optimization tactics by Digital Marketing Lab are a complete blend of the psychology of users and the design principals.  It is the website design company in India that uses the best of tools and testing methodologies to ensure an in-depth look into the user’s activities and thus a substantial improvement of the experience can be achieved. We are conversant in both the traditional modes of UX/UI and the most contemporary norms of using the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework Angular JS. So it would be anything you wish, we deliver it. This indeed makes us the prime  UX web design company in India.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does your Design Process works?

We are a professional and trustworthy web designing company providing an array of web designing requirement for both SME’s and large scale enterprise. Having a niche client base all across the globe, we have proved to be of the most sought out organisation in the country. Right from the inception, our only aim is to meet the needs and preference of the clients with ease. Here we would like to discuss our approaches towards a particular design.

  1. Custom Web Design Service

Our customised UX design service is tailored to convey the desired message transparently. Our entire tasks are tidy and meet business standards with ease. Being mobile responsive to our design is sure to allow you a seamless view across all devices. Our designs are ideal and distinctive to increase of business reach in the online platform.

  1. Maintaining quality is our primary concern

Our primary focus is to maintain the utmost excellence to ensure that the designs are tailored to meet your expectations. We focus on Google-friendly web designs. Users are the key that promotes our success and thereby creating a user-friendly website is our paramount concern.

  1. Unique Designing is something you can expect from us

Our unique strategy and rigorous testing policies utilise the industrial standards and compliance processes. You can trust us in a blindfolded manner as we assure to deliver the best solution in the industry. Offering the rightful resistance has always been and will be our mission.

  1. Be sure that the website will get developed seamlessly-

We have helped numerous clients to have an exemplary on reach making transition onto e-commerce. What it does it improves and improves their traffic and allowing for further support following the initial web designing. All our websites are customised easily.

  1. The Price We Quote is very reasonable

Being a professional website maker in India, our primary concern is customer satisfaction and thereby we keep our pricing structure in check. It allows the customers to avail the best and customised package at an affordable price. Get in touch and witness the difference in positivity.

  1. We make sure that the website is SEO friendly

With all our websites going for Digital marketing, we ensure that that the sites are easy to optimise and easy to navigate. It should be laden with opulent features so that your website can be found out in the search engine with ease. The appealing features are about to bring quality business for you.

Do Designers Make Design of Their Own or do you ask me what I have in mind?

We have mentioned it time & again that our team is professional and they take up challenges as and when required. We have a research & development team and they always make sure that our designs meet the preferences of our customers.

Our project managers will be there to let you know about the updates and will send you the mock-ups as it gets completed. You can send across your suggestion and we can incorporate them into your designs. At the same time if you are in favour of sending your ideas you are ready to do that. We would like to hear from you and make sure that we can incorporate your ideas into the respective designs. Here we would like to let you know the type of design we create. Hope you can get an estimate of the task we do and get an idea about our performance.

  1. Website for Small Business & Start-ups

It does not matter if you are a small start-up enterprise or a midsized form; our website designers are ready to help you out. We make use of the latest technological tools and adopt all possible measures that will definitively increase the aesthetic appeal and make the website business-driven.  A well-constructed website for a start-up enterprise is sure to drive in more and more target audience. We guarantee to create the design in such a manner that you receive maximum revenue from the online platforms.

  1. Corporate web design

Being a superlative web designing company in India, we create websites based on key performance factors. We have catered complex seamlessly challenging task. Creating a website for corporate honchos has been our key portfolio and we have gained accolades for our proven results.

No matter what you are requiring, our web design and development team will work in tandem to meet your requirements. For a detailed consultation, all you can do is get in touch with us. We are here to help you out.

  1. E-commerce website designing

If you are about to expand our business the best possible option that you have is to go online. Get in touch with and allow us to create a tailored e-commerce website for you. We are here to create an optimised online store with our designing service by making use of popular frameworks along with platforms. We can integrate numerous CMS options or extensive custom programming for shopping cart development as per requirement. Our structures are created for B2B & B2C structures.

  1. Web application development

We have successfully worked with numerous web applications that are rich in features and look appealing, at the same time business-driven. To achieve all the said areas all we need to do is apply UI, UX design service and make use of normal database and off course a robust framework. The consistent communication and paying attention to every detail we ensure flawless delivery.

What’s your UI/UX Design services delivery model?

If you are ready to create a brand new website featuring high aesthetic appeal and eye-catching design, you can have trust and patience on us. We are a professional and trustworthy company and our team of designers are capable of creating business-driven and compelling design. We try and incorporate the uniqueness and utmost professionalism to make your website stand out from the rest.

Our custom designs at our UI Web Design Company are perfect to maintain a balance of creativity and business needs. In simple words, designs are crafted to impress the end users and we make sure that the business needs are meted out with ease.

  1. Customer attainment

Successful user experience along with designs allows a proven and competitive edge. In all likelihood, the price factor might be overtaken as chief differentiators of the brand that appeals and attracts the latest customers. UI and UX are not just limited to effective and efficient product design. It is a platform that enables to bring in more business.

  1. Retention of the customer

By creating enterprise application is valuable intuitive. More and more individuals will want to use it and you can go ahead and continue to use it. In this contemporary digital domain retention of the customer is gaining importance. As competition is increasing by the day, there is high technological advancement.

  1. The support cost is much low

A well-crafted app just works. If an application is not crafted in a well-designed approach, there is a high need for training. The documentation and support later technique translates high costs. An application that is user friendly and intuitive puts lesser stress on both the employees and the bottom line as a whole.

  1. Increase the level of productivity

Better user experience leads to the utmost productivity improvements. As you consider the rise in productivity over the number of the user along with hours of the day each user is virtually active, the financial impact is obvious readily and it is highly substantial.

Will my app design reflect my company’s culture and brand identity?

All designs being structured by us will unleash a positive message for the company seeking designs from us. We are aware of the latest buzz and we uniquely create every design. These compelling designs have lured all and sundry and keep in mind about numerous factors will curate a particular design. Let us read about those areas that are being looked into by our developers and designers will designing an app or website for our clients.

  1. We create brand awareness

The UX and UI designers in our UI Design Company have helped all our clients based on the global platform. Our professional team members have worked with numerous small and midsized companies and allowed them to get a business driven website. They have been successful to create appealing and attractive websites. Our proven solutions have helped them to increase traffic and product sales.

  1. Understanding the objective of the client

Our UX web Design Company just do not go ahead and start designing from scratch. The first and foremost thing we do is understand the motif of the client. We get a transparent idea about the business they are in and craft the design accordingly. Keeping all the major pointers in mind we create a business-driven website for better success both for us as well as for the end-users.

  1. We ensure to make our website load in a faster manner

For a business-driven website, one needs to ensure that it loads faster. Remember a customer will not remain in your site for long and if the load time is less he or she will get frustrated and drop out from the site. We ensure that the load time needs to be appropriate. We try and maintain long term relationship with clients so that they can be retained and we get referral clients from them.

  1. Offering a simple and effective solution

We are considered to be one of the most efficient and professional designing agency in the country. We are professionals and we can create a user-friendly interface that is ideal to provide a pleasing experience. We try and create a long term benefit for our client so that they can have great business transfers in the days to come. Get in touch with us and experience the difference of positivity.

Is UX design and UI design are same? What’s the difference?

UI & UX designs are a couple of most confused and conflated terms in web & app design and understandably they are placed in a single pedestal. These couple of terms are viewed from a particular surface & they generally describe the same thing. At times it is difficult to find across a robust description of the two, but here we would like to let you know where the basic differences lie. Read it on and learn more from here.

UI Design- UI stands for User Interface. It is a graphical layout of a particular application and it consists of buttons and user clicks, images, and sliders, text entry fields and so on. This also includes screen layout along with transitions and interface animations. All sort of visual element along with interaction and animation must all be designed.

The job falls on the UI designers and they are the ones who generally decide what the application is going to look like. They are the one responsible for choosing colour and button shape. The width along with lines and fonts used for text is structured meticulously. The UI designers create a look that can draw in more customers.

UI designers are key graphic designers. They are concerned with the aesthetics and it is up to them to make sure that the application interface is appealing. They need to make sure that every single visual element feels united.

Now our UI consulting company would examine what is UX design. UX is User Experience and it is determined by how easy or how difficult it is to interact with interface elements that the UI designers create. All it can be said is UX designers are also concerned with an application user’s interface and thereby individuals get confused how user interface operates.

Remember they determine the overall structure of the interface and the overall functionality. In short, they generally design how the interface works. If things work seamlessly the user will have a smooth experience. If the navigation is complicated then lousy user experience is very likely. UX designers work to avoid such scenarios.

So a UX designer will finally decide how the interface works while UI designer can decide how the user interface looks. It is indeed a very collaborative process and these two design teams tend to work in tandem in a close structured manner.

UX team is working out the flow of the app and how all buttons help you to navigate you through the app. They make sure that the interface works seamlessly. The UI team is working on how all interface elements appear on the screen. The UX team determines the best ways to lay the button and UI teams will adapt the design for fitting the layout.