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It is often difficult for a business to maintain a visual presence consistently but on the other hand, it is an absolute necessity to stand tall as an efficient and dedicated industry leader. Digital Marketing Lab (DML) is a UI web design company in India where we strive to help a brand like yours to sustain a consistent presence digitally.

How a great design works wonder?

The Way Forward

If you look at your website as a brick-and-mortar store then it will be easier to understand the pain point. As it can be a case where people are although coming to the store but are not buying anything. In that case, the color of the paint of the store can be a reason to influence the psyche of the customers; a red paint might not be as inspiring as a blue paint to make them open their wallets.

The same way the store layout can also pose hindrance to the sales functions. There are other factors as well. For instance, if the layout is not logical enough or doesn’t offer an ease of navigation? If the best products are not displayed at the front window instead are hiding at the back? If the personnel at the cash counter is just too slow or rude enough to offend the customer? All these elements or any of them can have a detrimental effect on the futuristic goals of the business. DML is the  web design company in India having the potential to simplify the approach.

So, the first and foremost concern should be determining whether the store is adequately optimized for the customers or not? Same scenario prevails in case of websites as well, and the concept of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) come to the forefront. When the UX quotient is optimized to the utmost then only it will render a sense of satisfaction to the visitors. We offer responsive website design in India and that is indeed an effective option to choose to enhance the reach of the website.

User Experience

It is not so critical to understand what’s required to be there on the screen but the tricky part lies in laying them out. The UI experts at DML the prominent UX web design company in India, know well how to do it. Their work talks on their behalf and bears testimony to their skills and abilities. The apps we develop react absolutely perfect on cue and at the same time feel completely natural. We take our work beyond wire-frames in order to achieve the level of perfection. Once we are done with the UX part, blueprints of the apps is presented to you for approval. Isn’t the process transparent enough?

User Interface

Once the phase of wireframes and blueprints are over, the geeks at the Digital Marketing Lab start with the UI formulation. The UI gives you brand expression to showcase its vibrant identity. In other words, it attributes the brand with personality and individuality. As UI is finalized, the real-time development process is initiated. This strategized approach makes DML a reputed UI web design company in india.

How Digital Marketing Lab helps you?
  • We first create a draft of all concepts after understanding your spec.
  • Then the next process is all about choosing the best one out of all and then further exploration is undertaken
  • Then a stringent quality check is done and your approval is taken and then the actual direction is narrowed down to a single concept.
  • The next level comprises refinement at its best to make your brand perfect.

The User Experience Optimization tactics by Digital Marketing Lab are a complete blend of the psychology of users and the design principals.  It is the website design company in India that uses the best of tools and testing methodologies to ensure an in-depth look into the user’s activities and thus a substantial improvement of the experience can be achieved. We are conversant in both the traditional modes of UX/UI and the most contemporary norms of using the JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework Angular JS. So it would be anything you wish, we deliver it. This indeed makes us the prime  UX web design company in India.

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