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Watch Out! Social media content marketing trends for 2018

December 5, 2017
Road to 2018

Welcome 2018 with more branded content! Creating and marketing compelling branded content through social media is pretty much significant from the overall branding perspective.

We are into digital branding and with our years of experience as a digital branding company in Kolkata – here’s our tip to tomorrow’s content marketing – add personal touch and add a brand voice to your social media content.

Watch Out! Social media content marketing trends for 2018

Experiential marketing  leads the way –  Doesn’t really matter if it’s at the sporting event, or at the parking lot, or at the high-visibility city square, relying on a seamless storytelling technique will be able to create an authentic brand experience. Brand stories are not ads and marketing materials. They are also not the boring sales pitches. Brand stories need to be told with the brand persona in mind and with the writer’s personality right at the center stage.

Mobile friendly content – Consumers are spending a whole lot of time using social media on their mobile devices. This means brands are nowadays more focused on creating content for the small screen. Create simple, scalable and scanable mobile-ready content for your audience.

Video contents – Richer the content, more the amount of engagement. So, what’s “rich content” anyway? In the most general sense richer content means any type of content, which can be facilitate user interaction, videos, for example. Create short, succinct videos for your brand. Distribute content to encourage user interaction and for collecting consumer insights.

   As per a research report –

  • 83% of consumers trust known references

  • 66 % of them trust others’ opinion

  • 46% of them rely on social ads for making a purchasing decision

Since consumers trust one another’s opinions, it makes sense for brands to leverage user-generated content strongly and rather heavily. Just posting the  images of happy customers is no longer an option. Brands need  to invest time in finessing ‘ugc’ and utilizing it into the social campaigns in seamless and organic way.

Social media in 2018 will present a very exciting opportunity for using cutting-edge content in building effective and meaningful relationships with consumers.

Finally; ensure that your brand stories are real time page turners. After all; you have to take the reader along with your brand’s story for seamless and effective marketing in 2018.

2018 will be all about figuratively connecting the consumers with the brand. It will be more about humanizing a brand, driving engagement and modifying behavior.

As the leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata, we help you create that ultimate connection between your brand and your customers