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Why Should I use or need SEO, SEM and SMO for my Website or apps?

October 28, 2013

The main idea behind a website is to acquire as much footprints as possible. This can be achieved through designing your website with correct tools or just simply paid advertisements. There is hardly any company or business who has not gone digital yet. The Business sector has been bugged by the advent of the internet marketing. The steep competition between businesses have taken a new turn as to get noticed by the optimum traffic. Diverse digital strategies help the marketing professionals to execute their ideas on the internet. One must remember the basic knowledge to get yourself highlighted among the innumerable entities online.

As the leading digital marketing agency in kolkata we can vouch that digital tactics of standing out from the crowd consists of the basic usage implementation of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Social Media Optimization(SMO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

Search Engine Optimization( SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an evolving facet to the world of web design and marketing. The search engines can recognize your website through an easier framework which would help you reach out more than the paid advertisements for your business. SEO use crawlers that has an extraordinary power to store ideas and quick search the digital space and gather the exact information looked up for.

Station SEO-An improved SEO is considered as the elemental aspect for understanding the value of the information you have provided. It also gathers or account for how much traffic has been generated by tracking the various behaviour of movement on the website. The cumulative effect of the search engine optimization implies that your website will shoot up in searches as more and more footprints takes place at your website.

Content and Code-Another important aspect is the content and coding through which you can implement SEO. Usage of exact or the closest meaning keywords in a search engine will fetch multiple number of search results. Users must be heavily corresponding to your website as you have provided the right keywords to amass your existence at the top rankings on the search engines.

Headlines and Titles-Another importance of implementing SEO is that it provides with exact headlines and titles that has the ability to identify the facts mentioned below.The Usage of such headlines or captions also strictly mark towards the relevant content.During this process one must remember that coding is also involved in it.

Coding your website-Search Engine Crawlers can understand the content of your business put up on the website by the coding done on it. The process of coding enhances the chance of the crawlers to understand what exactly is searched for. Content management system such Drupal and wordpress are developed keeping the search engine optimization(SEO) in mind so that information can be easily fetched.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The process of attaining footprints to the website by buying advertisements on the search engines is called SEM. Also considered as the Cost-per-Click (CPS) or Pay-per-Click (PPC) way of marketing, search engine marketing are mostly the paid search marketing tool. Once coined as the umbrella term enveloping both the paid search and search engine optimization under one roof, later served as the acronym solely for the paid search activity. SEM  tends to increase the existence of a website in search engine result pages(SERPs) through various paid ads.

Active Delivery– The people will see the advertisement of your product were basically looking for the keywords provided or indicated by you. Suppose someone is looking up for the following search results that you have been shelling money for the PPC, will result your advertisement to appear. The best part is that only when an user click on your advertisement, you pay according to the PPC procedure. So, as a business, the keywords that you provided are searched by active users are payable or the relevant advertisements that your business provided.

Cost per customer procurement – recognized as one of the cost effective medium of marketing, SEM has one of the lowest costs per customer procurement policy.Direct mailing service stands ineffective in comparison with SEM that costs way cheaper than it.Even though the acquisition can differ per customer, it provides a positive image on the capabilities of SEM in comparison with other modes of direct marketing.

Effective mode to expand business – Considered as an extremely compelling way to mature your business from small to medium to large scale business, SEM has acted as an effective mode.

Social Media Marketing(SMM) / Social Media Optimization(SMO)

The usage of social networking websites as a tool for internet marketing can be called Social Media Optimization or Social Media Marketing. SMM yields user friendly content that would enhance a company to glorify the brand on the social network and maximize customer flow. Like SEO, Social Media Marketing is also designed to engage new users to their website. Now one must remember that SMO and SMM can be achieved through two distinctive ways. First, your content can be linked with additional social media links like the share buttons and also providing RSS feeds. Secondly, building up a promotional campaign through status messages, blogging or tweets.

Increased Exposure- It is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and create a knowledge of your existence. As more and more visitors come to your site, or look repeatedly at your company logo, content or other unique details for your profile will help form a strong brand awareness amidst the huge sea of competitors.

Increased visibility–  After the trust is established through the constant marketing of the brand online, the SEO will gain hold through the high-end links for your website and blog. By now you will acquire a good following rate on various social networking sites. This will help you tackle your reputation through the daily social media participation.

Reduces Marketing Expense- It has been pointed out that most of the small sized businesses have reported that SMM  has helped them boost revenue generation. This is due to the decrease in marketing expense. Social networking sites acts as the biggest market place to sell your products through an informal note. It has the ability to reach to a huge number of people with the help of regular posts, news feeds and sharing of information.

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