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Sector:  E-Commerce | Shopping website

Business Name: amikinee

Location:  Bangladesh

Project status: Ongoing

About the business: amikinee is a venture of bti– a leading real estate name in Bangladesh. The brand brings quality products, eye-popping daily deals, COD facility, doorstep delivery, easy return policy and much more to simplify online shopping in BD to the core.

Our responsibility: Client retained us for creating online brand presence and for generating sales, leads and overall conversion

Actions we took: We opted for a balanced organic and paid marketing strategy. We relied on domain blogs, writing 3rd party blogging and on a robust social media marketing strategy to create the much required brand awareness and in crafting the brand voice al across the digital platform.

Result: Our constant and continuous effort has helped the business in creating its own individual brand voice. Apart from leads generated through paid marketing, our constant effort fetched a sizeable number of 25 organic leads as well.

Inifd Saltlake

INIFD Kolkata

Sector Fashion and design education

Business Name: INIFD Kolkata

Location: India, Kolkata

Project status: Ongoing

About the business:

INIFD Kolkata is a leading Institute Of Fashion and  Interior Design and is the most preferred name in the fashion and design domain. They are the official Knowledge Partner of India’s premier fashion and lifestyle event – Lakme Fashion Week and Femina Miss India

Our responsibility

In this hyper-connected digital landscape the business was still relying on traditional marketing tactics. We were asked to create an online brand presence and generate leads for the business.

Actions we took

As the first obvious step we created an SEO friendly website. We loaded it with relevant content and images and also made it fully functional, efficient and measurable by installing a quick contact form. Once the website went live we opted for a fine blend of organic and paid marketing. While our Organic marketing helped in creating the brand presence and in ranking the website higher in the SERPs, Google paid ads and Facebook sponsored as on the other hand helped in generating leads for the business


Within a few months, the website started to rank on Google  on the following keywords

House buyers

House Buyers

Company Overview: House Buyers of America is a residential real estate investment company. The Company offers a guaranteed, fast, and hassle-free sale to people who want to sell their house without paying a 6% Real Estate commission. House Buyers of America buys each property “As-Is”. House Buyers renovates the house if necessary, so sellers do not need to waste their time or money readying their property for sale.

Project objective:

  • Website Design & development
  • Paid marketing

Head Quarter: Chantilly, Virginia, USA

Business Need: They approached us for their website design and development. Within the next couple of months time they had given us another project to handle their Google Adwords account effectively for marketing & remarketing purposes.

How & which domain we are assisting them!

  • Website designing & development
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Display Ads & remarketing
  • Website content development
Vacuum Cleaner Maker

Vacuum Cleaner Market

Company Overview: Vacuum Cleaner Market Inc. is a Retail company. They provide Vacuum Maintenance and Repair, Household and Commercial Cleaning.

Project objective:

  • Need to do SEO IA fixing
  • Generate leads

Head Quarter: Morgan Hill, CA, USA

Business Need: Vacuum Cleaner was generating leads through clod calling & cold e-mail marketing. They were facing issues with their existing SEO process. They were actually looking for fixing SEO problems & to increase their website traffic. Gradually we were assisting them to generate leads by designing a proper landing page.

How & which domain we are assisting them!

  • Website Blogs & Third party Blog
  • SEO – Website IA fixing
  • Website designing & development
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Display Ads & remarketing

Wesco Signs

Company Overview: Wesco Signs is a signage company based in Torrance within Los Angeles County. They provide services for design, survey, engineering, fabrication, installation of Signs.

Project objective:

  • Increase Keyword rank in Google search engine
  • Generate lead
  • Handling Social Media activity

Head Quarter: Torrance, CA, USA

Business Need : Wesco was looking for designing & develop of their website and promoting it trough Social Media to increase total number of visitors. Gradually we were assisting them to generate leads using inbound marketing methodology.

Our solution provided to Wesco:

  • Website designing & development
  • Website content development
  • Domain & Third party Blog writing
  • Handling Social Media activity[ Facebook, twitter, G+ & pinterest]
  • Paid Advertisement

Effective results of our work

  • Within 3 months of our effort we increased Wesco‟s unique page visitors up to 1100.

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