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PPC of Pay-Per-Click advertising is considered to be the quickest for of digital marketing strategies that target the audience’s perspective. PPC Advertising brings in ready-to-buy customers organically to the website. PPC Advertising is an ROI-driven marketing strategy that gives a business a competitive advantage for generating new leads and amplifying existing social reach.

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To create effective PPC Advertising strategies, it is crucial to have a solid knowledge about the process. The DML as a leading agency worldwide, houses a team of expert professionals who have unwavering skill and experience with Facebook, YouTube, Bing, Adwords and Google advertisements.

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Strategic Pay Per Click Advertisement Services That Fetch Exponential Growth

Get unbelievable ROI for every dime you invest with DML’s powerful PPC advertising strategizing. Paid marketing is a process where, in exchange of a small amount of money, clients can enjoy boosted ROI, increased lead conversion rate and enhanced organic traffic footfall on the website.

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Appear on your target users’ search frequently with boosted chances of lead conversion.


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Advertise and monetize with creative ads that appear on the browsing screens of target users.


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Carrying out a strong video marketing strategy across leading Video social media sites.

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I wholeheartedly thank the terrific digital marketing team at DML who made me experience what rapid quarterly growth looks like with increased organic traffic, more than ever.


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My startup needed a strong organic boost to get a credible impression amidst existing completion. The digital marketing team at DML came to my rescue that fetched great results.


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CEO, Amity Constructions

It was hard for me to create a buzz of my business among so many competitors. Thanks to DML’s ppc specialists, my visions took shape and gradually I welcomed more clients than I ever got.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC stands for Pay per Click and it is a venture of Internet marketing in which the advertisers are eligible to pay a fee each time when their ads are clicked. Primarily it is an approach of purchasing visits for your site, rather than going ahead to drive them organically.

Every now & then we come across questions from clients about PPC and some even go on the extent of asking which PPC campaign is ideal and how it can drive in results. To be very specific with this question, there is numerous PPC campaign and it is difficult to single out the best from the entire cliché.
The campaign depends on the type of business you are running and the type of product and service you want to sell.

Search advertising definitively increases the structure of revenue and drives in more traffic and boost up recognition of the brand. It works hand to hand with organic search marketing. Remember it gains traction as search advertising increases sales.
It depends how according to Google a particular business receives average $2 revenue for every $1 on paid advertising on Google ads. But with PPC to work seamlessly a stable foundation needs to be built. A robust PPC strategy is the key to planning and executing and optimising ad campaigns.

PPC pricing is not high and the desired price for social media advertisement is also quite affordable. Now it is up to you to decide how much you are willing to spend. There are quite a few agencies and they are not in favour of spending amount even on minimum ads, while some others are quite in favour of doing so.
If you seeking PPC management from a reputable agency, they generally charge a start-up fee or one can define it as a standard practice. There is a whole lot of action being involved in running a PPC campaign and the pricing varies from one campaign to the other. Pricing for each campaign is different and working procedure also varies.

PPC is one of the key factors for having a great advertisement on the digital platform. What it does is, it allows your business to gain impending height in a quick period. At the same time, you can win over your competitors and drive in maximum profit.
After at least a solitary month of PPC advertisement, you can witness the difference of positivity. The positives can either be an increase of customers or you can receive more phone calls where customer can put up a query about your product.
Not to forget the number of visits to your site will increase in a quick period. You can compare the data after the completion of one month and get a transparent idea about where the budget needs to be for each of the campaigns.
PPC Can set more positive values than another campaign. Google has been the most popular search engine and it receives maximum traffic and this alone can prove to be advantageous for your PPC campaign. Paying for bids will help you to get your ad right at the top of the result page.
It allows you the maximum potential for increased clicks, impression & conversions. As you generate more and more leads you can save maximum. Finally, it would be wise to say that PPC marketing service directs the right customers at the accurate time to your ad. It is undoubtedly the most efficient tool that allows your brand to stand still amidst the competition.

Although each & every metrics are important while evaluating PPC marketing your goals will finally determine which metrics are to be focused on. As a general rule, there are quite a few areas that you can focus to measure PPC marketing.
Areas like visibility in the first page on Google or at top of Google and so on. There are a few more areas but it depends completely on you and your choices. The metrics and measurement vary from factor to factor.

Through PPC you will only have to pay for the visits that you receive. In other advertising forms and traditional advertising, the advertiser pays a fee for having the ad shown but there is no guarantee that it will generate results.
With PPC there is a direct link between cost and performance. Through PPC you can get a complete understanding of the ad that is in performance. You also get to know the number of impressions & clicks that are being applied.
Through PPC the ad reaches the corrective audience and you also have the opportunity to control your overall budget. Finally if you the task is being performed through a PPC agency you can achieve better visibility.

PPC strategy is something where the marketer takes the onus of overseeing the company’s overall PPC ad strategy along with the budget. To be honest the entire task can be formulated by in house team consisting of professional PPC marketers.
If not the task can be outsourced to an external agency and they take up the responsibility of executing the task like keyword research and targeting channels. The PPC agency in charge of carrying out the task also does the competition analysis and carries out campaign optimization.

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